WIP Wednesday - 4/4/12

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WIP Wednesday - 4/4/12
Wed, 04-04-2012 - 11:30am

Would you believe, I haven't put a single stitch into "Kimono - Revisited" since I completed the outline.? You would? Then you know me only too well! LOL

Instead, I played around with other projects, like the TAST "eye candy" mini-challenge and the CQJP/BJP/Color Palette challenge. What is more, a new Stash Buster Club piece is in hand and the week 14 of TAST as well, both of which need to be kitted out. And I have a wedding card I have to make (spent quite a bit of $$$ on materials for it last night at our stamping demo)... so it looks like I'm not likely to get to Kimono before the weekend, if then!

Anyone elese have any WIPs to show off?