WIP Wednesday - August 7, 2013

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WIP Wednesday - August 7, 2013
Wed, 08-07-2013 - 10:23am

Other than going to the fair to help set up the guild's display for quilt day and to check on (and pick up) my needlework, all I managed to accomplish this week was:

  •  - purchase of the necessary stretcher bars for L auraJ. Perrin's "Purple Daisy", which arrived this week, complete with the first weeks assignment
  •  - stitch #75 for TAST
  •  - purchase a packet of silvery seed beads which, although they don't quite match the ones I'm using now, might just work on the June Butterfly. You tell me --- does it work? Most of the lower right wing has the new mix in, the lower left does not:

Pretty sad, don't you think?

Anyone else stitching?