WIP Wednesday June 8, 2011

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WIP Wednesday June 8, 2011
Wed, 06-08-2011 - 11:37am

Frog Pile progresses and the rip-it frog hasn't visited but... I found one color of thread (the green in the lower frog) isn't the same green in all strands! AAARGH! Wonder if I can finish the lower frog with what is left of the one brighter green strand and keep the duller, greyer-looking strands for the other green frog. I have to say, this kit is driving me nuts as, per usual, the DMC colors they specify do NOT match the strands they provided so substitution is nigh-on-to-imossible unless I reserve DMC for frogs not yet started... AND the fabric looks just a little "small" --- very narrow margins on the right and left and I fear similar narrowness at the top...

Here is is so far, with four frogs complete,five with bits and pieces stitched and three not even attempted yet!: