WIP Wednesday March 23, 2011

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WIP Wednesday March 23, 2011
Wed, 03-23-2011 - 2:11pm

Only a few green leaves to go (the two side panels have ears of corn with greenery) and then I have to tackle the plums in the top panel, the pile of veg near the bottom and the harvest scene in the very bottom panel. Lots of confetti stitches and blended threads on all of those! I HATE confetti and blended threads! And backstitching in multiple colors has always been a pet peeve of mine --- but it does improve the look (note the alphabet, which is about 3/4 outlined now!)!

March 23, 2011.jpg

Oh, and I found the mistake I made back in 2001 --- one row too short on teh left side panel. Will have to fudge that cornstalk! LOL