WIP Wednesday, May 1, 2013 (a day late --- sorry!)

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WIP Wednesday, May 1, 2013 (a day late --- sorry!)
Thu, 05-02-2013 - 12:33pm

Given my eye isn't at top focus yet (it was still dilated after 48 hours *and* it's flashing/shimmering when light hits my peripheral vision since the lens hasn't settled in yet), I didn't do much in the way of stitching (or posting). I did complete the TAST Tuesday night since I could do that without extra light and magnification (posted under the TAST thread in Embroidery - this is the completed "page" for stitches 57 through 64 here:

Before surgery, I worked a bit on the BJP butterfly for April , but didn't finish it: 

and I  cut the final sashing strips and pinned them to the Color Palette/Crazy Quilt Journal/Bead Journal Project challenge wall hanging but I have not sewn them on and have no pictures to share. "Midnight Garden" is inactive at present...

Anyone else have any stitching WIPs to share?

CL for "

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Carol - the butterfly is looking quite pretty.  I'm impressed with all the WIP's you've been working on.  I really don't have anything to show at the moment.  After recovering from a horrendous sinus infection, I worked a bit on bookmarks for the Stitching for Literacy project before suffering from a pinched nerve that had my shoulder aching & tingles going all down the back of my arm.  Finally went to the chiropractor & have pretty much recovered although too much time on the computer makes it flare up a bit.  I did go to an EGA-GPR Stitching Retreat a few weeks ago which I enjoyed very much.  Walker Creek Ranch, where it was held, was just a beautiful spot & the ladies were so much fun.  I finished a couple of bookmarks there & started a Just Nan project I've had for a few years.  But mostly I worked on this silly English paper-pieced pincushion that was taught there.  Making all the hexagons for it was fun, but I was definitely reminded of why the Vocational Counselor at work told me after an aptitude test that I could be just about anything I wanted, but I should probably not try working in assembly.  LOL!  But I did finally get it put together right & it's pretty cute.  If I can find the cord for the camera, I'll download the pics & post it.  I was sad though that even though several members of her EGA Chapter were there, Mary Frances didn't make it.  We WILL meet one of these days!  I am thinking about taking a workshop that her chapter is offering in the fall though so maybe then.  Although it's a 2 day workshop, so I don't know that I want to drive all that way twice.  I'll have to see if anyone else in my chapter wants to go & share a room overnight.  It's a Margaret Bender canvas work piece.