Thrifty Thursday is being discontinued in this folder

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Thrifty Thursday is being discontinued in this folder
Sat, 03-09-2013 - 11:02am

I will no longer be posting sale information here. Freebies will all have their own threads in their apropriate folder;  over the next few weeks, I will be copying freebies from past Thrifty Thursday threads in those new threads.  I will be putting a retreats/classes/tours thread in the "Sew Much to Say" folder. I MAY, in future, set up a sale thread in the "Sew Much to Say" folder as well, but that is sitll "up in the air" for me, given the amount of time it takes each day. However, if a sale does attract your attention, please feel free to post about it, with details and links.

The reason? TPTB are removing "Explore iVillage" folders on all boards and this folder was perceived to be one. While I made my case to bring it back, I can't be sure this will be a permanent restoration, so I will now be putting as much information as possible in the different "media" folcers.

If freebies are of interest to you, I recommend you "float" these threads to keep them near the top of your boards because, while I will be updating them every day, this doesn't mean that each folder will have new posts added and I don't believe that editing will keep a thread visible on the "front page" of a folder...

I'm sorry to see this feature ending but it does take a lot of time and doesn't receive a proportional number of visits to justify my time, let alone iVillage's storage space.