Have you ever stitched a piece that you absolutely hated?

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Have you ever stitched a piece that you absolutely hated?
Tue, 02-21-2012 - 11:30am

That you knew you hated from the very beginning? Before a single stitch was placed? Just because someone asked you to (whether as a favor, as a gift, or for a fee --- doesn't matter why)?

Do you feel you did your best work on that piece? Does it VIBRATE with your dislike? Or is the recipient totally cluelss (or better yet, aware but grateful that you actually did something to their taste and not yours)?

And would you ever do such a favor again? If not, how would you gracefully let down the requestor?

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I can't say that I ever have. No one has ever asked me to stitch anything specific for them, but I think if they did and it was something I hated I would have to turn them down. I have enough trouble staying motivated to finish pieces that I like.

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I was asked to stitch a printed cross stitch cat and I finally returned it to the shop owner because I just hated it and I couldn't get myself to stitch it. I find that if I don't like the piece it will take me forever to get it done! And in many cases it lands in the UFO box!