I'd like to call your attention to the H&G Newsletter for January

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I'd like to call your attention to the H&G Newsletter for January
Tue, 01-22-2013 - 12:45pm

It can be found here: http://www.ivillage.com/forums/node/119792029  and includes important information on the future of a lot of the threads on this (and other) iVillage boards.

Please, if you have a thread you follow which hasn't been posted to since 2011, and you want to keep it, post to it NOW. In February, the older threads will all be archived in an atttempt to make the new operating sytem work more effeiciently and we don't know if, or when, that archive will be avaialble again.

In the same vein, I noticed yesterday, when researching a thread over on Decorating & Home Improvement, that a lot of the older threads now have broken links (I don't know if this is because of them being older or because of the data transfer). If you run across a thread with a broken link, pease, let me know and if I can, I will try to recreate the link (not always possible, and I can't edit posts that are written by any screen name except "thatyank" so it will have to be in a new post. I am aware that a lot of our threads now start with what amounts to "empty" Original Posts. The transfer of data from Lithium to the new system seems to have selectively stripped some posts of their text. I'm sorry, but I cannot restore those... and I suspect neither can the tech team, but they have been made aware of the situation.

Here's hoping this archiving will solve some of the problems of slowness and the like that have plagued the boards since the transfer from Lithium...

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Hi Carol,

I believe the threads that are being deleted have already been identified, so if a thread hasn't had a post since Jan. 2011, it's already on the list to be deleted. If you find a thread you want to keep that has no reply between Jan. 2011 and (to be on the safe side) Jan. 2013, I would suggest you copy the messages into a new post just in case. If I hear any differently, I'll let you know.