A lot of us photograph our needlework ...

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A lot of us photograph our needlework ...
Sat, 09-08-2012 - 12:31pm

and I know that I have actually seen mistakes in the photos that I never noticed IRL. And places where I could do better. A completely new way of looking at things.

Well, Mary Corbett has discovered the same thing, with even more importance to her as a designer (and to us as stitchers)! You can see details in how things go together in OTHER people's work!

Check out her blog here: http://plays-with-needles.blogspot.com/2012/09/beyond-happy-brain.html

I think it would work for ALL of us --- not just people who are into gold work or silk ribbon embroidery!

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Sat, 09-08-2012 - 11:57pm

WOW! What an interesting thought. I too see things that I think worked well or need to be changed when I take a picture. These would be things that I didn't see just looking at the piece.

Thanks for bringing this up!