Ready to move on

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Ready to move on
Wed, 12-21-2011 - 9:04pm

My hobby/sewing room has become gift wrap central - packages on the floor, trim on the table.

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Wed, 12-21-2011 - 11:57pm


I would just as soon hand them a package without all the wrappings. Someone recently said only lazy people use gift bags. I wanted to yell "Get A Life"!! I still have all the packages to wrap and to start on the Christmas cards. I did one card today!!

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Thu, 12-22-2011 - 1:59am
My crafting space, as cluttered as iy is, also has become gift wrap central... And I totally agree that I'd rather see my crafting clutter than scotch tape, rolls ov paper and lengths of ribbon in tat space. But I'm not done yet, sad to say...

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