Stitching space decor...

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Stitching space decor...
Wed, 04-10-2013 - 11:45am

We have a thread on organziing and containing clutter in our stitchng spaces and some of this involves decor but, overall, we don't talk about our craft spaces like we do the rest of our homes in terms of decor.

So I was wondeering, is your space utilitarian (mine is, for the most part, using cabinets that were really designed for use in a garage) or does it have some decorative elements that make it your own? 

For example, do you have any sentimental items in your sewing space? I do --- there is a cross-stitched rendition of a Charley Harper print that DH's Mother stitched for me on my wall, just above my craft table. 

Tell us what you stitching space looks like...

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Sat, 04-13-2013 - 11:20am

In a nutshell--A MESS!! But I do have my stitching on the walls. My office doubles for my crafting space. So all the Christmas things spend 11 months per year above my desk where I can see them anytime I want. My goal has been to get this area straightened out and I am making progress on it slowly! Too slowly for my taste but some. One of my problems is that I hate to file anything. And then I had to get all the tax stuff out of the files so that I could put this year's stuff in the files. I finally did that last week so now I can file the papers that have come in for this year.

I have always wondered what do you do with the piles of paper for which there isn't a file and perhaps you need it for something later? When we painted my office 5 years ago I collected all these papers together and put them in a box. It is under my desk and I haven't opened in since the papers were put in. I guess I could probably throw these out without even looking at them!! I would also guess that this is what Spring Cleaning is all about!!

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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 10:57am

I wish I had a crafting room, but I don't.  My storage is just very basic.  I have plastic drawers that are semi organized with tools and materials.  I have a few storage totes with my yarn organized by fiber.