Tips for Tutorials

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Tips for Tutorials
Fri, 11-23-2012 - 12:16pm

I post a lot of links here for tutorials in the various aspects of our needlearts. But we have never, to my knowledge, posted original tutorials here. Mainly, that is because I am not an original "designer" or stitcher and so never really have anything new to say and many of the rest of you, while more original than I, may feel this isn't the right forum for that.

However, if any of you stitchers out there have a project you have designed and want to prepare and post a tutorial for it (or to post a link to your blog or Flikr account or whatever where you have posted a tutorial), you are more than welcome... Do not feel that, just becasue we have never, means we can't!

I ran across this little tip list for anyone interested in putting together tutorials:

And let me know if you want to attempt this. We can always get a special thread together for our own creativity!