Who gets your stuff?

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Who gets your stuff?
Sun, 09-22-2013 - 11:22am

DH and I had to go through his Mother's stash after she passed away... Not a pleasant task although we did find takers for most of it. Also, I have seen my quilt guild struggle with downsized stashes and grief-stricken SO's who are cleaning out their loved one's stash. Some was used as door prizes but most ended up in the charity quilt supplies after a day or two on the free table at guild meetings. But like Debbie of Deb Bee's Designs, http://debbeesdesigns.com/DDWrdPrs/2013/09/17/who-gets-mamas-stuff/ I often wonder, who will get my stash when I die? My friends, Mary and Janice, and I have discussed this. Basically, we want each other to have first dibs at our stashes if we pre-decease them, because we truly believe our nearest and dearest will toss them to the curb... but we haven't formalized it in any way. I suppose it should go in the will...

Do you wonder what will happen to your stash? Have you dealt with the question in any way?

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Mon, 09-23-2013 - 8:06pm

My first thought was "no-brainer" - my guys know I belong to the stitching guild & that some of their #'s are on my phone list.  Then I realized these were "my guys" I was thinking about & that there were no guarantees that they'd think of anything like that before just tossing it all.  So,I think I will have to talk to them about this.  But I'm really not sure what to do with my stamping stuff.  Of course, it can always go to "Legacy" the crafting thrift store in Sebastopol, but it seems a shame to just let it go to some anonymous stampers.  But it still is better than just tossing it.