Thrifty Thursdays for sewing

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Thrifty Thursdays for sewing
Sat, 03-09-2013 - 11:49am

Since the folder in which Thrifty Thrusday was posted had been deleted - no explanation given (since restored, but I don't know for how long), I have decided to post all freebies for patterns in their repctive folders. Given, however, the difficulty in keeping threads organized with long sequences of posts, I will attempt the same thing here I am doing with weekly tips and tutorials ---a  single, edited post for each main category.

In the past, if my memory serves me correctly --- the main freebie categories for sewing are patterns (which are listed under their appropriate thread within this folder), how-tos (also in appropriate threads) and downloadable ebooks which I will list here. Any other freebies that don't seem to fit into existing threads will be added as I run across them.

Some stores and designers maintain archive pages with project ideas...

Hobby Lobby has a "Project Inspriation" page that features fabric, needleart and wearable projects as well as other categories that may also have stitchery features:

Michaels also has a projects page which includes yarn and needlecrafts:,default,sc.html

SewNews has online projects and pattern downloads here:



pillow patterns and covers:

fitting clothing:

downloadbable sewing journal pdf:

sewing children's clothing:

Sewing Fabric and Tricky Materials:

Sewing Clothes: 3 Clothing Sewing Patterns:

tote/purse patterns:

 Sewing Basics Resource Guide eBook:


Darts - a free downloadable video:

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Fri, 09-27-2013 - 12:35pm

Check out the Coats & Clark free project pages, especially the one for the new Tim Holtz fabrics!---accessories (and home decor, to come):

Halloween patterns:

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