Thrifty Thursdays for Yarn

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Thrifty Thursdays for Yarn
Fri, 03-08-2013 - 12:00pm

Since the folder in which Thrifty Thrusday was posted was deleted - no explanation given (since restored but I don't know for how long), I have decided to post all freebies for patterns in their repective folders. Given, however, the difficulty in keeping threads organized with long sequences of posts, I will attempt the same thing here I am doing with weekly tips and tutorials ---a  single, edited post for each main category. If a post is especially long, I will stop it at the calendar quarter and start a new one, and, in teh interest of my own time,  I am only going to recover freebies from 2013 on fmor the old Thrifty Thursday Threads... ALso, when a post gets toolong, which is likely for both knitting adn crochet patterns, I will break them up into quarterly lists...

In the past, if my memory serves me correctly --- the main freebie categories for yarn were knitting and crochet patterns and downloadble eBooks; categories like felting, tatting, weaving, latch hooking and macrame have their own threads in this folder and freebies have been posted ther in teh past.  So this thread will have, at a minimum, those three posts to this OP... I will add more  if needed as I become aware of more freebie links.

Some yarn manufacturers and sellers also have archived free patterns, often mixed knitting and croceht patterns, in their archive. Here is a list of those... as I run across them

Patons has free patterns here:

Bernat maintains a large knitting and crochet patterns archive:

Herrschners maintains an archive with miscellaneous projects, including knitting adn crochet:

Hobby Lobby has a "Project Inspriation" page that features needleart and wearable projects as well as other categories that may also have yarn features:

Michaels also has a projects page which includes yarn and needlecrafts:,default,sc.html

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Wed, 03-20-2013 - 7:10pm

CROCHET First Quarter 2013

There is an archive of free patterns here at Dot's free patterns:

***** for baby *****

baby leg warmers:

***** home decor/holidays *****

strings of shamrocks:'

hearts wall hanging:

little hearts:

tiny hearts: and and

the story behind thedoily mobile is here: ; the pattern is here:

*****afghans, thows and balnkets*****

speedy chunky afghan:

***** baskets, bowls, and other containers *****
crochet a basket:

***** jewelry *****
ribbon bracelet/bangle:

***** bags of different kinds *****

Cable heart gift bags:

***** garments *****
child's poncho:

***** scarves *****

start with a cuff adn end up with a scarf:

scarf and cowl:

***** hats *****

Bunny hat:


***** for baby *****


***** miscellaneous *****

crocheted candy:


"Gratitude Stones":

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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 12:44pm

KNITTING - First Quarter 2013

Leisure Arts newsletter has a Friday Freebie --- not sure how long these are up or if they are anywhere BUT the newsletter (which they do archive). For example, check out "Quick Knit Animal Vests":

***** rugs and blankets and throws *****

 "Stash Rug Project" :

"Easy as Pie" blanket:

Open Cable afghan:

Fan Afghan:

Shades of Green afghan:

***** clothing *****

"Daphne" tank top:
"Etherial" tank top:

The Shrowl (a cross between a shrug and a cowl ):

"Orange Slice" cowl:

Giant cowl:

Au Revoir cowl:

"Love is All Around" Cowl:

giant seed stitch cowl:


Norwegian Sweater and Hat:

DIY Ermanno Scarvino-inspired cardigan:
Cable Cross Afghan:

***** shawls *****

"Nori" shawl:
"Steps" shawl:


Vail Light Flurries scarf:

Linen-stitch Pom-Pom scarf:

Garter Stitch scarf made prettier:
The Sunset scarf:

Basket-weave infinity scarf:

Eyelet and Drop-Stitch scarf: (free until May 2013)

Cable Knit scarf:

Buttoned Neck Scarf:

"Cecilia's "Scrap" scarf:

***** gloves and mittens *****

fingerless gloves:

Textured Fingerless Gloves:

"Corgi" mittens:

***** hats *****

grey and white hat:
"Cistern Spring" hat:

basic hat:


"Piccole Onde" socks:

***** bags of different kinds *****

eyeglass case:

***** for baby *****

Christening dress, bonnet and booties:

Orangelo Bib:

baby bunting and mitts:

baby leg warmers:

***** for pets *****

dog coat:

knit dog coat:

knit a toy fish for your cat:

***** jewelry *****

Bejeweled shamrock brooch:

***** miscelaneous *****

 St. Patrick's Day themed dishcloth:

Four-leaf clover keychain fob:

hearts to knit: , , , , , and

Easter baskets: , , and

Egg-shaped treat bag:

Golf Club Covers:



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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 12:20pm

Crochet - Second quarter of 2013

***** for baby *****

newborn hat:

piglet hat for baby (Maybe you are an Arkansas Razorback alum?) :

baby hats:

Binky tether:

rainbow ornament:


***** Shawls. wraps *****

Summer Flowers Shawl:


a scarf made up of linked skulls!

Shell Infinity Scarf: Shell Infinity Scarf Pattern.pdf

sampler stitch scarf:


broomstick hat:

***** afghans, blankets*****

Lacy blanket:



cluster-stitch cardigan:

Father's Day tie:

spring flower dress:

*****bags, purses, handbags*****

purse organizer:

laptop cozy:

***** Miscellaneous *****



Giant doily/rug:

rag rug from thrift-store sheets:

Crochet a doily, 3 ways:

 flowers: (there is a translator)

Owl dreamcatcher: and a lot more animals as well: in Spanish but with charts

angel wing potholder:

magic wand:

9-petal flower motif:

animals of all sorts:

mug cozy:

Wreath for patriotic holidays:


cat toy:

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Mon, 08-19-2013 - 10:50am

KNITTING - Second Quarter, 2013

***** jewelry *****

flower pin:

flag pin:


striped Breton hat:

July 4 hat:

***** shawls, wraps*****

Lacy Wrap:

Diamonds Sparkle wrap:

Now In A Minute shawl:

Zig Zag and Shell Mesh shawls:

lightweight cowl:

***** gloves and mittens *****

Fingerless glove patterns:


non-felted slippers:


flag socks:

***** garments *****

Little Lace Vest:

Galadriel Lace Tank:

Jirachi Pullover:

Leisure Arts' Friday Freebie - sweater vest:


sleeveless pullover:

scoop-necked top:

Patriotic Celebration dress for toddler:

summer vest:

*****bags, purses, wallets*****

patriotic wallet:

*****Afghans, blankets, throws*****

Block Quilt Stripe Afghan:

Gift of Love cable afghan:

Wedding Rings blanket:

Friday freebie from Leisure Arts - Quick Kniit Textural Afghan:

Twilight Afghan:

Petals afghan:

***** for baby *****

Friday Freebie - Cable Bubble Suit for baby:

Friday Freebie --- nautical themes "bubble suit" for baby:

Smocked Bubble Suit for baby:

patriotic bib:

***** miscellaneous *****

 spa cloth:

With a Kiss Pillows:

winter flowers:

heart quartet dishcloth:

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Fri, 09-27-2013 - 12:30pm

CROCHET Third Quarter 2013

Made to Treasure is a blog with free patterns:

Imaginesque has a Crochet freebie page:

Filet Crochet:

lots of freebies here:

Lots of amigurumi patterns (and more) here:

Luli has crochet freebies mixed in with other needlework here:
and this site has lots of crochet freebie links: (not checked for copyright infringement or, for that matter, live links)

***** afghans, throws, blankets*****
*****for baby*****

baby blanket:

retro baby blanket (only for a few weeks):

baby cardigan:

knee-high booties:

baby blanket:

animal booties for infants:


lace bag:


coin purse in the shape of an owl:

pencil case:

backpacks: and



Spiderman hat:

skully hats:

*****scarves, shawls*****

waterfall scarf:

 Seraphina shawl:



Signet Ring:


costume ideas:

*****holiday decor*****

Christmas Trees:

Christmas stocking:

Christmas ornaments:

Halloween patterns:


a free square pattern:

a plethora of squares:



dishcloths: and


another flower:

wishing stars:


flower coasters:

dishcloth/hot pad:

pot holder:

towel toppers:


bike seat cover:

trivet using hemp cording:

sushi train:

play sushi:

cat toy:

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Sun, 09-29-2013 - 11:58am

Knitting - 3rd quarter 2013

***** afghans, throws, blankets*****


faux panel afghan:

Baby blanket:

*****for baby*****

baby bloomers:

Pink layette: (but of course, it doesn't HAVE to be pink although it is a bit frilly for a boy)

Pumpkin hats (mainly for babies):,,,,,, and

Raglan Cardigan and Booties:

candy-corn themed booties and a hat:

candy-corn themed baby cocoon and hat:

***** shawls, wraps*****

little arrows lace shawl:

quick-knit cowl:

Summer Rose capelet:

Hooded Poncho for a toddler:

Tri-Light center-out shawl:

triangular poncho:


only to August 31, 2013 - scroll lace scarf: http://


"Tis the Season" hat:

Cabbage Patch Doll beanie:

chemo cap:

More pumpkin hats, for grown-ups:

team spirit headband:

candy-corn themed hat:

Cap with attached scarf:

*****gloves, mittens*****



"Running Gag" socks:

candy-corn themed socks:


Leatherleaf sweater:

Garter Ridge sweater:

Summer cardigan:

"Checks and Balances" sweater:

Button Slit-Neck Pullover:

pretty in pink party dress for a child:

Monster U leg warmers:

ruffle tank top:

His/Hers Collared Henley Pullovers:

"Train" sweater:

V-neck Diamond Pullover:

*****holiday decor*****

Holiday wreath:

gift card holders:


Pumpkin "hat", a possiblity for a costume (albeit an uncomfortable one):





The "Hive" dishcloth:

"beachy" discloths:,, and

heart dishcloth:

candy corn themed dishcloth:

Mimi, the Beret Bear:

Pierre the beret bear:

candy-corn themed Earrings:
candy-corn themed goodie bag:

candy-corn themed creature:

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Wed, 10-02-2013 - 12:18pm

CROCHET Fourth Quarter 2013

***** for baby*****

Baby Belle Hat: