Tips for traveling without tangling your jewelry.......

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Tips for traveling without tangling your jewelry.......
Fri, 08-10-2012 - 1:06am

Click on the one showing the pill box container......

I normally take no jewelry with me except for the couple of plainish pieces that I wear all the while we're gone, or I'll only take one or two pices of costume jewelry if I'm sure there is a safe in our suite. For those who like to take more jewelry, though, here's a couple of tips.


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I'm not  big on jewelry when I travel either but that "burrito" idea from necklaces and bracelets is something I have done for uyears. I have this jewelry "bag" which is supposed to unroll and hang in the closer when not packed, and it rolls up like that hanky...

The pill box idea is cool but I don't wear earrings, Might work for finer rings and even small pins, though...

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I love the pillbox idea and settled on it when I got one for free at some health fair. I find it is beneficial for general storage, not just when traveling.
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