The Box

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The Box
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 4:01pm
Today when I got home from my group and I found out that my book came that I ordered from Amazon a book on the programs that I use so I have a better understanding for them ... the box is like 12.5in x 9.5in I got my book out of the box and after I take it out of the plastic I go to throw it away and what do I see in the box MY CAT !!!!!

Yup my cat figured out how to lay in the box if hes all squashed up ... so now he is in the box chewing on his tail not knowing that it is attached to his body!!! It is the funniest thing !!! I was on the phone with my father telling him this ... This is something that my other cat would never do.

Just thought you might enjoy it

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 5:14pm
I am always amazed at how Sammy and Misha respond to any size box (or bag).... they always want to see how they can fit in it and play with it.

Misha, who will be 1 year old next month has not yet figured out that her tail is part of her. Most mornings, she is like a "Whirling Dirvish". That is; she chases her tail at such a speed that her four feet are no longer on the floor, it seems she is in mid-air. Sammy, who will be 2 in August this year, is like a little kitten when it comes to paper bags and boxes. He has to investigate and play, and of course, playing also means having Misha as part of the fun....which she relishes.

I have purchased some toys for them, but more often than not, a paper bag or a cardboard box keeps them busy, amused and having lots of fun, for days.

Ya just gotta love 'em.

All the best,

Patrick (sammycat2002)

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:39pm
My cat loves to climb in boxes with the flaps down, and just sits in there. Then when she hears me walk by, she hops out. I think she's trying to 'scare' me. :)
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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:49am
You too!!! Sparkle loves any box...but she esp. goes for shoe boxes and the box--which is pretty funny to watch her contort inside the box since she is not the smallest kitty in the world.