Anyone tried OTC anti-anxiety treatments?

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Anyone tried OTC anti-anxiety treatments?
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 1:53am

I have nine cats, and a lot of trouble with fights and spraying.  This started when we took in the adult cat that my ex and his wife were throwing away.  My other cats all came here as kittens, so they just had a few days' adjustment and that was it, but having the adult cat come here was a different story.  He's been here about four years now and things haven't gotten the slightest bit better.

In additiion, my 12 YO Maine Coon, who became the alpha male following the death of our much older female cat who was very much the dominant animal in the house, has been increasingly anxious, lately.  He has started sitting on the table by the recliner I spent half my life in (because of health issues) and meowing, very loudly, on and on and on.  I will get up and check and make sure there is food and water and that none of the other cats are waiting to be let in or out, or have accidently been locked in the sewing room, etc..  But, he will continue meowing at me.  Sometimes he will put his nose right in my face and meow.  I was looking at some products that are supposed to help with cat anxiety.  Since I don't have any extra money, I need to have a good idea that something is going to work before spending money on it.  So, does anyone have any experience with anything like that, and did you find it helped or didn't help?

If I find something that works with my Main Coon, I will try it on some of the other cats I think are doing the peeing where they aren't supposed to.  We even wake up to pee on the kitchen counters sometimes.  NOT GOOD!

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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 9:35am

I haven't had much luck with the OTC behavioral treatments. I use Feliway in the carrier and that does seem to calm my cats when I have to take them to the vet, but that's all that I have have found it works for.   I had a sprayer and nothing seemed to work very well.  He was on Prozac for a long time and that seemed to work the best.  There are tons of meds to try and most are farily inexpensive. Valuim and anitriptline seem to work well too.

I agree with Jeanne that it might be a good idea to take your Maine Coon to the vet just to make sure there is nothing medical going on with him.  Be sure they test his pee.  You may be able to get a pee sample yourself and take it in for testing since money is tight right now.  Of course there are other things that a pee sample can't detect that he should be tested for.  If he is squating and peeing outside the litter box that is usually a medical problem. When they stand and spray that's always behavioral.  It's hard having that many cats in a household.  I had 10 at one time and it was tough.

Good luck and I hope you can figure something out to help your Maine Coon.

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 8:36am

Welcome to Cats and Kittens.

There are two things I have heard of: calming collars and Feliway. I haven't tried either. I did ask my vet at one point about the Feliway and she said she has had clients use it with mixed results. But I do know plenty of people that have used it with good results.

I will say this. I know you said money was tight, but innapropriate peeing could be a medical issue. And the changes in behavior of your 12 year old concerns me as well. It may be worth doing some research to see if you could find a low cost clinic in your area to get at least him seen by a vet.

Good luck and let us know if we can help.