Cat continually goes to the bathroom in OUR bathroom.

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Cat continually goes to the bathroom in OUR bathroom.
Wed, 01-22-2014 - 3:15pm

I'm at a total loss. He's in perfect health (8yo). He has access to the kitty litter box, and he uses it. I hear him in it, I see him coming out of it, I smell it for crying out loud! YET he'll go right on the one bathroom floor (not urine). Not on a mat (matter of fact we took the matt out of this bathroom BECAUSE of him). I don't understand. I've sprayed the floor with bleach spray, cleaned it with those cleaning wipes and so on. I'm sure it could smell still (to his nose) but the fact that it's not every day, and that he uses the litter box... any thoughts?



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This can be one of the most frustrating things. First, when was he last to the vet? Cats are great at hiding things and if it has been a while, it is worth getting him checked out. However, if he is healthy and there is nothing going on, think about recent changes. Have you moved his litter box? Have you changed litters? Has there been a change in the household (added a person, lost a person, moved etc)? Some cats do great with change, others not so much.

Consider, short term, putting a litter box in there. I know it freaks some people out but it may be worth the effort. There is an additive that you can use with litter called Cat Attract. They make a litter as well. I have used it before with good success.

I hope that gives you somewhere to start.


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Gosh I'm sorry that you are having this problem with your cat.  Jeanne already gave you some good suggestions.  You should clean up where he has gone to the bathroom with an enzyme cleaner that will neutralize anything left that he might be able to smell.  Make sure his little box is clean as you can possibly keep it and I would add a second one.  Sometimes cats will pee or poop in it and if it's not cleaned right away they won't use it so the second one would be clean, hopefully.  I don't know why he would stop using his box if he has always used it all along.  I assume he has been to the vet to make sure nothing is going on.  One poster here had a cat that would get a urinary tract infection and would start pooping outside the litter box as the first sign it was coming on. 

I hope that you can solve your problem with him pooping outside the litter box. It's sure can be a frustrating problem.