Cat Fight & Long Fall!

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Cat Fight & Long Fall!
Tue, 10-23-2012 - 4:46pm

So my cat is about 16 years old and he is quite a lapcat.  He sleeps right next to me every night, purring away.  Whenever I sit on the couch -- there he is on my lap.  Whenever I am in the yard -- there he is sitting in the grass.  Whenever I come home -- up he runs.  He is my buddy.  And my husband knows this.  Meanwhile, we live in a rural area of town, in a house at the top of a hill.  We have a deck off our bedroom that sits on pillars, so there is about a 2 1/2 story drop from our deck to the sloping ground beyond.  The deck can be reached by climbing two flights of stairs and walking past our living room to the bedroom.  I have been leaving my bedroom door open, to let in the fresh fall air.  And a few days ago a stray cat has come wandering into my house.  No kidding.  I caught this black cat once in my basement.  Another time in the bedroom.  It is so weird because he has to climb the stairs and walk over to our bedroom to get into the house.

And then there was last night.  I was settling into sleep when my cat -- the 16 year old -- starts yowling up a storm.  He is standing at the door to my bedroom confronting this black stray cat who is also in the bedroom.  I flip on the light, gasp, and I call my husband (out in the family room).  As he comes into the bedroom the cats start to fight.  Fur is flying!  Cats are yelling!  The stray grabs my 16 year old by the neck.  I panick.  My husband runs in, separates them and in the process of grabbing the fighting stray, over the balcony goes the cat.  Maybe a combination of accident and protective instinct I guess.  My husband looks over the edge of the balcony, sees a dark clump of bushes and thinks it is the stray cat lying there dead and he freaks out.  My 16 year old cat's fur is everywhere and he is still snarling under the dresser.  I look over the edge and see a dark clump of bushes but I still ran down there looking to make the stray wasn't laying out there.  He was long gone.

And here's my questions, at long last.  First, Is there any way to keep cats from fighting?  How do I keep this stray from coming back?  I don't want to close the deck door, the night air is so wonderful this time of year.  Second, do you cat lovers agree the stray could survive the fall intact?  And third, assuming he did, what should I do about this poor stray wandering into my house? 

Your advice is appreciated!

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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 8:41am

Yikes - how scary.  Welcome to Cats & Kittens. :)

First - getting the black cat neutered will make a difference. If you can catch him (sounds like he is friendly) and can do it, getting him neutered makes a difference. However, if your cat is territorial - and most cats are - he is going to be upset every time he catches the new guy in the house. The thing might work if you are willing to adopt the new guy and then introduce them slowly ( that might work as well.

As for the the fall, I can't blame you for the reaction. A cat fight can be a scary thing. If he ran off, that is a good sign. One of mine went out a second story window a couple of years ago and was fine. Again, if he comes back and you can get a good look at him, check him over.

If you are determined to keep him out of the house, you can check your local pet store. They make a motion sensitive air thing (sorry - it is early - haha) that will shoot a stream of air when it is set off. Keep in mind however, that it may be triggered by your cat.

If he is friendly, check your local area to see if there is a nearby no-kill shelter that might be able to help. However, I know most around me are full up.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 10:13am

Gosh that is scary.  I hope you cat is OK after being attacked.  Tom cats can be so mean especially feral ones.

I think I would try to catch the stray cat in a live trap and take him to the shelter.  If you don't want to take him to the shelter you can get him neutered and release him.  He will survive just fine being neutered.  He has a better chance of survival being neutered because he won't fight as much and get diseases and/or abcesses. 

The air thing that Jeanne suggested might work.  Also sticky paws where he jumps into the window may work too or maybe even a scat mat.  I think the scat mat might work the best to discourage him from coming into your house. 

Good luck!