Confined in the kitchen

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Confined in the kitchen
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 2:05pm

I'm fairly new at being a cat-owner and I wasn't sure if my kitties are okay being kept in the kitchen when we're not home and while we sleep. The kitchen is pretty big and there is a window and a large sliding door that they can look out of. We usually put everything away on the countertops so they're free to climb up there and on their tri-level scratching post. Basically, everything they need is in that room (i.e. toys, beds, litterbox, food and water).

I want to let them roam the living room too but the girl, Sassy, has a bad habit of chewing on electric cords (I posted a question about that in "Think Like a Cat"). I just feel so guilty keeping them in there but I don't want to risk her getting hurt. I try to make up for it by giving them my complete and undivided attention when I'm home and letting them have the run of the house when I'm there.

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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 2:24pm

Nope, I don't see a problem confining them to your kitchen when you are not home. It sounds like they have lots of room and everything they need, even windows to look out of.

When my Misha was a little kitten she would occasionally chew on the electrical cords. I did two things. I sprayed the cords, the area around wall outlets, with a repellent called "Shou". She also would get behind my computer desk and play with the connections, so I sprayed behind the desk and under it. Also whenever I caught her chewing on cords of any kind, I had my trusty water pistol and gave her a few good squirts.

I found that it worked, she hasn't electrocuted herself, and has lived to the ripe old age of one. She turned one year old on April 1st.

I hope this is helpful. And as always there are other members here who will give you more advice. This is where I got most, if not all my cat training.

All the best,

Patrick (sammycat2002)

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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 2:47pm
Welcome to the board Czarynn!! I don't see a problem with confining them to the kitchen as long as they have everything they need. It is also important that they get to roam free and be with you when you are at home.

Patrick gave you some good advice. You can also try a product called Bitter Apple. If that doesnt work, you can get some plumbing pipe at the hardware store and put the cords in that, that way she can't chew them.

Hope this helps!

Tami Cl-royalkitties

Tami Cl-Royalkitties


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 10:13am
Sounds everyone said, as long as they have everything there (food, water, litter box, toys). As far as the bitter apple or bitter lime to keep the kittens away from electric cords, etc. that should work. But I have to warn you, BOTH of my boys like that stuff so they will like it off. Another thing to try, that my vet told me, was vanilla extract. Of course, my boys liked that too - the little piggies! FYI - don't use anything with onions, as I've heard that onions can harm cats...not sure how, but an article said that anything with onions is not good for cats.

Good luck

Kelly, Auggie & Caesar

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 1:13pm
Thanks for all the advice. I've definitely learned a lot from the people on this board. I will try some bitter apple and also cleaning up the wires so that they're not so tempting. Getting a tube to cover them with might actually be a great way to keep the cords organized too.

When I first got these cats I thought, "I'll have to spend a lot of time training these guys". But then with each day that passes, I get the feeling that they are the ones training me. :-p

Why didn't I realize it before that Sassy was just trying to tell me to clean up all the cords in my living room?