Dad and me are having a problem

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Dad and me are having a problem
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 4:30pm
Well, what d'ya know. He left the comp running while he's off doing something else. Well, it's my turn. Ya, I bit him this morning, when he tried to pet me, and I slapped him and bit him yesterday when I tried to get into the cupboard in the bathroom and he wouldn't let me. Ya, and I peed on the floor early this morning, I didn't like that cleaner he used, it has an orange smell... My scent is better, and that's what I was trying to do when I peed on the floor. His scent is all over the apartment. I don't mind the cologne he sometimes wears, but this orange smelling cleaner is hard to take. My scent is covered up.

Oh, ya, he even hit me when I bit him. Oh, he didn't hit very hard, a good swift paw from me is a lot harder than he can hit. Next time he tries to stop me from doing something, I will give him one hard slap that he won't forget, I'll use my claws next time. I just can't wait for him to try to stop me again. He'll know what for! Just let him try!!

Now folks, here's the problem as I see it. When dad was working all day, it was just me and the Meesh here. In case you don't know, Meesh is my younger sister. When I was home alone, I was the dominant cat here in this place. Oh, the Meesh can put up a good scrap when I get too bossy with her, but she knows who's the boss around here. Me, that's who's boss here. Now that dad is on some sort of study leave, a sabba...something, he's home pretty well all day, and he think's he's the guy in charge here. Life was easier then with him at work all day. Well, he's going to have learn different, CATS RULE... Heck, whenever me or the Meesh get on top of something, he's always telling us to get down. Ha, ha, ha, he's so funny, 'cause when we don't get down or do what he tells us, he say's "I'm gonna get the water gun". But, ha! ha! Like it matters! We only get down when he gets the water gun.

No sireee, folks, the reality here is I am the dominant cat here in this household, followed by the Meesh. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to throw him out or anything like that, he just needs more training if he's going to spend so much time at home. We want him around and we do love him, but he's got to learn how to fit in. Ya, he pays the rent, cleans out our litter boxes, feeds us, and even takes care of us when we are sick, and sometimes takes us to the vet and protects us. But sheesh, gimme a break here, isn't that what good servants are supposed to do? There's an old cliché that I like, "dogs have masters (what else, they are silly, slobbering creatures) and cats have servants."

Hey! If any of you other cats out there can read this, let me tell ya, TAKE CHARGE NOW! It's pretty hard to retrain a human. It takes lots of love, patience and the occasional slap or bite to get them to understand.

Oh, ya, one last thing that got me annoyed at my dad this morning; Every morning just before the sun comes up, I usually walk up his side, and head but his arm or hand for scratches and pets, that's our quality time, but this morning when I did it, I had to practically put my nose in his ear before he petted and scratched me. "So what", you say! Well that's my quality time, that's when I want to get petted and have my face, ears and nose scratched. I was even more annoyed when all Misha had to do, was to jump from his chest of drawers on to our bed, walk up beside him, purring and chirping like she always does, and he pets her. Ok! Ok! I agree it was much later in the morning.

Ooops here comes dad, better go now...thanks for letting me vent, and if you have any advice, please direct it to my dad, hopefully he'll learn. Also tell him not to hit me when I bite him, even though it doesn't heart, I can hit harder than he does, but it makes me mad.

Purrs, mews and head butts,

Sammy. (Dad's golden boy) Yikes, gotta run...

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 8:11pm
Hi Sammy it's me Lucy,

Well, it isn't nice to bite the person who feeds u. But, I would be mad too. But, there is always someone home here so I am used to it. I just usually hide and sleep when they bug me. And, of course I run this house. I wake people up when I want them up. I have them trained to feed me what I want and to open the balconey door so I can go outside there. Sometimes they forget I am out there and shut the door tho. So, then I meow, scratch the door and meow some more. But, they then apoligize for it. I have been living with my family for at least 10 years now and they still need training. LOL!!! I hope u start getting along with your daddy soon. I agree people can be a pain. And, trust me I have had to bite on occasion. Just the other day I scratched Kim b/c she was holding me trying to get something off of my fur. She took too long putting me down and I got her arm with my back paw. She is still kinda mad b/c it still hurts her b/c it gets bumped all the time. But, she still loves me. I hope u and the Meesh gets lots of rubs from your daddy. Maybe, u could ask for something good to eat or something else to make u feel better. Trust me it gets easier with time to deal with people. I have been living with people my whole life and I am almost 14.

Well, gotta go, I don't want Kim to catch me on her don't sit on that again.


Lucy Kitty =^..^=

Kim :)


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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 12:51pm
Hey Sammy it's me Salem,

I bit my mom and dad this morning, Well they wouldn't get up and give us our wet food and it was already 5am, I don't understand why on that day the humans call Saturday we get fed late. My house mates Snowball and Buzz knocked down some plants in the middle of the night trying to get me I am the littlest so I can squeese through and they can't Ha Ha. Well, it was our old cat pan full of tomato plants they are trying to grow. Snowball is always knocking things over he's big the humans call him fat boy.

I love my humans don't get me wrong, but they have some serious training days left, I have the female (mom) so trained that she will get up from eating her dinner to freshen my water if I look at her in the right way, but the male (dad) has a long way to go.

Buzz he is the weird one he likes to pay attention to them when they sit on that funny looking water bowl, and he watches mom put on her face. But he is my buddy as long as he does as I say. I am the dominant cat too despite my petite structure.

Keep it up Sammy! don't cave into the humans!


P.S. You might even get use to the "water gun" then what will he do! He He

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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 10:56pm
Hi Sammy,

It's me Snowball. I agree with the second poster--it's not nice to bite your humans. I sometimes REALLY, REALLY want to bite my mommy when she seems like she doesn't want to pay attention to me or when she won't feed me when I wake her up at 4 am. But, I don't want to hurt her. Sometimes she puts this thing with these rods in it to do something to my fur. She pulls so hard sometimes I think my fur is falling off. But, mommy takes good care of me and I like her boyfriend too-he's nice to me and isn't rude like Grandpa.

Hope you can be nicer to your daddy--LOVE that he's home to see you more often! :)

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 11:21am
Sammy this is Misfit, and you gotta be careful biten your dad. Sometimes they likes to think they are in charge, even though we know we run the house. My mommy gets very upset when I bite at her and she makes me sit still and she kisses me YUCH and I get a lecture and no playing!! Its terrible.

My mommy doesnt like us to play rough she is always saying NO nails and NO bitin sheesh but she does feed us and she sure gives good scratches. Even if she does like all them girly kisses. Sometimes the cat of the house has just gotta put up with all kins of stuff from them humans.

I hope you can forgive your Dad and get him to play with you.

Purrrs Misfit

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 12:07pm
Hi Misfit,

Ya, I know that I shouldn't bite dad, and I am sorry that I did it. I really do love him. We have made up a long time and are best buds now.

purrs & headbutts


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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 7:26pm
Hello Sammy, my name is Imp and I'm the dominate one in this house. Oh,the dog Clover and my mom think they are, but I am. Mom knows that at 3:30 EVERY day, I get fed. It doesn't matter if it's one of those funny days that she says she gets to sleep in, I just shove my nose on her neck and she gets up.(She says my nose is really cold!)

As to the biting, I only have to do this to correct her behavior. Like when she wants to use that thing on me that's like the one she uses on her hair. I HATE that thing. My fur is really short and silky and that thing HURTS! Or when she forgets to let me into the laundry room so I can climb into the warm rumbly thing that she puts her clothes in. She gets real upset if I climb in there. She keeps telling me I'll get hurt really badly if she accidentally turns it on and I'm in there. Or that she could shut me in there for a long time before she realized where I was. Doesn't she know that I want to stay IN the warm rumbly thing, that's why I climb in there? I don't know WHY she gets so upset by it.

You would think that she had enough pets with me and Clover, but No she took in Cori. Now I like Cori and her kittens are cute but aren't 7 cats too many? Then, last weekend, she brought home another dog. She said she rescued this one from the vet's office because of something to do with the other owners not wanting to fix Star's broken leg. My mom said the others wanted Star put down, what ever that means, and mom said she wouldn't let them. She said it was $350 to fix Star's leg and that it was only money saved for a rainy day. But I don't really know what that means.. But now I have 2 dogs and 6 other cats to boss around.

Just be patient with your dad Sammy, he may learn the rules after all. Imp.

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 9:26am

I gotta tell ya, I know what you mean. "What fools these mortals be!" Humans, ya can't live without them and, yet, you can't get them to bow down before you anymore! It's insanity, I tell ya.

My brother and I get along quite nicely and Mom and Dad are so wonderful to us! They saved my life, ya know. I won't forget that. But, I tell ya...they bring this little fuzzy, mongrol in and it's not even orange like us! And it's a girl...ewww. To top it off, she talks constantly and it's that high pitched, yippy, nagging talking that just gets on your last nerve. Then she likes to torment MY little brother! Caesar is MY toy, not hers!!! Mom and Dad got him for ME!!! And what do Mom and Dad do? They KEEP her!! How dumb are they?! I can't believe they have the nerve to make a decision like that when I specifically would not allow a dog into my realm!! I actually have to look around corners before I go into a room...this is MY house!! It was bought for ME and Caesar!! No one else. And, you're right, my parents think they have control's so funny to see them TRY to run things around here. I usually just sit and watch from one of my thrones.

About biting though...I like to bite my Dad. He usually bites me back on the butt though...then it turns into a game! It's kind of fun actually. And that orange stuff...well, what can I say. My Mom is NEUROTIC about a clean house! But she likes to use stuff that isn't so stinky...and she makes sure that it's safe for us b/c Caesar and I like to help her when she's know, follow behind that Swiffer thing, play with the dust rag, walk on the glass tables after she's windexed them, etc. Every piece of glass should have kitty prints on it!!

Good luck to you and just remember, they will all be our slaves once the master plan has taken effect!

Head rubs and butt sniffs,

Auggie (and Caesar...he's sleeping in the bay window now b/c it's nice and sunny, which is what I plan to do all afternoon)

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 3:45pm
Hey, Imp.

Ya gotta be kiddin, right? Two dogs and six other cats to boss around. Wow! You must be kept pretty busy, when do you ever a get chance to have a nap? I am pretty lucky around here with only the Meesh, me and our dad. I can nap whenever I want and wherever I want.

Hey, we have on those sort of things that you mentioned, but it's not in the laundry room, it's sort of in the kitchen. My dad always puts dirty dishes in it. I could lick his dishes clean, but he won't let me. I really like to help him when I can, but then again, that's only if he's good and listens to me. But listen, I get in it every time I get the chance. Sometimes I even get to lick the dishes he puts in there. Yuck once I got in and started to like something from a dish, it was just awful was like eating sour cabbage. Do you know what that is? My dad likes it when he is having some kind of german sausage. I like the sausage tasted, but this other stuff is terrible. He doesn't let me stay in there for very long, as soon as he notices me there he shoos me out. Now the Meesh is a different story, she gets right down to the bottom of this thing. Nah, she's not interested licking any dishes, she just wants to have a look. But she doesn't get much of chance 'cause dad has pull out these funny lookind drawers and lift her out.

Hey, Imp, gotta go for now... gee I hope with all the work you have bossing 2 dogs and 6 cats around you get a chance to have a nap or two during the day.

Good luck, Imp.


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 4:39pm
Auggie! Caesar!

Oh no! not a dog! You poor guys! My heart goes out to you guys... wait 'till I tell the Meesh that you guys have a dog. I don't think that the Meesh and I could live with a dog. I hope you got a big place. I can't even imagine the must be so annoying. One of our neighbours has a dog, and every time I hear it yapping and yipping I just want to get out into the hall and slap him silly.

Hey, we have something in dad saved my life too. Yeppers, he did so. Not sure if you know anything about prisons, but I was on death row. Ha, ha, ha, no, sorry I didn't kill anyone, heck I wasn't even a convict. I was just born there. My mom and dad are wild living in a prison compound. I guess that makes me what humans call a feral cat. Anyway, one day, these guys were feeding the wild cats, and one guy took an interest in me. He brought me back to his little box of room, gave me milk, fed me fish and other human food, ya know the whole nine yards. I was always free and ran around the prison, always close to my mom and dad and all my other friends. One morning the guards were doing a cell search and they found me. Well...I was put into a cage, I growled and scratched, but that didn't do anything. The next thing I knew I was in some sort of shelter for animals. Because there were too many of us from the prison, folk had decided that we need to killed. A couple of days later my dad came and rescued me. According to my dad's story, the guy that he was counselling came to him and told him what had happened to me. So, that's a short story about how my dad saved my life.

He took me home, and within a couple of days I was in hospital. Sheesh! I hardly got to sniff around my new home and make myself comfortable. The morning my dad brought me to hospital, I cried...I really thought that this was it. The folks at the hospital checked me over, prodded me, checked out my whole body. Then they gave some needles, said it was some sort of vaccination. Then they gave me a needle and I went right to sleep. When I woke up, I was a bit groggy, but felt that I was missing a couple of things....well you know. Dad picked me up that night and brought me home. Gawd I was so glad and happy to see dad when he picked me up.

I think that was a year or so ago last April. A couple of months later, June, I think, my dad adopted my sister, the Meesh. Dad calls her Misha, but I prefer the Meesh, and she likes that name. She was such a cute little gaffer when she came to live with me and dad. Oh, don't get me wrong, she may be cute, but she can be a pawful, especially if you get her mad. She gets into trouble all the time, she has broken so many of dad's things, expensive crystal glasses,....did I tell ya that she once chewed up and mangled a soap stone carving that was given to my dad as a gift. Ya, it's sort of expensive Inuit art. Boy! was he mad. She got the water gun every time she moved...but that didn't bother her, no siree, she just did her own thing when she wanted... She's not a sissy at all. Dad still has trouble with her....well not just him, so do I. She's not easy to boss around. I don't think anyone can boss her.

Once when she was here only a couple of days, she had the nerve to get up in my napping spot. I was not amused, but then again she was only a kid... so I hopped up beside her and tried to gently move her out of my spot.... Well, guys, she took a temper tantrum. I gave her a few good swift paw slaps, no claws, because she was so young, but still strong enough to send her flying. She backed off for a few seconds, and then came flying at me like a little demon. I don't know if either of you guys have ever had a 2 pound little calico come flying at you, but I decide then that we should be friends. Ya know, sometimes ya just have to think of the options.... one day she will be as big as me and I am 16 pounds. So we have become close buds. We play together, and from time to time, I give the Meesh a good thumpin, just to let her know that I am still in control here. I never her hurt her, but as long as she gets the message, that's ok for now. But more importantly we are best buds and I do love her.

Yikes, sorry guys but this is getting to be a long one. I better get off the comp before dad catches.... Oh yeah, we have made up, I haven't taken a bite out of him for a few days. He really does love me and the Meesh....

Meow for now...