Facial Software for Cats?!

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Facial Software for Cats?!
Wed, 07-16-2014 - 3:51pm

This seems pretty neat and for those with multiple cats it could be worth it to you. The story behind how it came about is sad but hopefully this will help some other cat.


"Sung is the co-founder of Bistro, a smart cat feeder that has the power to recognize your feline’s face in order to distribute and then track its food intake. It can also tell your cats’ faces apart to prevent jerky tendencies of stealing the food that is rightly their brethren’s.

But the endeavor, by Sung’s Taiwanese company 42ARK, isn’t for cat vanity’s sake.

'I have three cats, and how I fed them was I put the food in the bowl and had no idea what they’re eating,' says Sung, who didn’t realize his cat Momo stopped eating food due to illness until he found her dehydrated and paralyzed on the floor of his house. The jaundiced cat was suffering from pancreatitis, and while things were looking dire for Momo, the amputation of her two rear legs saved her life."

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Thu, 07-17-2014 - 10:35am
Oh that's kind of neat. Would be great if it wasn't terribly expensive but it sounds like it will be.
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Fri, 07-18-2014 - 10:09am

It's neat and very interesting.  

It seems kind of odd that person's cat was so sick and her didn't even know.  Cats are good at hiding illness and it is hard to tell who's eating and not in a multicat house hold.  I think I would know when one of mine were that sick a bit earlier than he did though even without the software.


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Fri, 07-18-2014 - 11:09am
it certain sounds like it has merit....interest technology
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Mon, 07-21-2014 - 1:41pm

Cool in a Star-Trek kind of way....I'm not sure that my cat would be willing to eat and drink by sticking her head through that opening though.

I was also surprised that the guy didn't notice that his cat was that sick. When my cats have been sick or hurt it shows in their coats, sometimes before I notice a change in eating habits. Whatever, glad he was able to save her although her life will not be easy without rear legs....