Hello everyone

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Hello everyone
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 5:26pm
Wow! This new board is kinda crazy. Wish I could see everyone's posts at once. How do you do that?

I have been extremely busy at work lately. To make an extremely long month short: I was given a huge account and there was no one to take my old desk. I juggled two desks for two weeks until the new girl arrived. I was training her, doing mail, training temps, and still kinda juggling two desks until things settled down for the new girl. We got another new girl and she is kinda relying on me for training and questions. It's been rather frustrating, but hopefully soon things will return to "normal".

The cats have been doing well. Chloe is her normal standoffish self- she turned three in February. Sammy is my little sunshine. Molly and Baby will be celebrating some birthdays next month, but I'll save that for when it's their birthday.

So I'm here, just hanging in there. Just living for the weekends!

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 6:52pm
Hi Gwenn. Try using the outline view(near the top of the board) and you'll see all of the posts. I hope things calm down for you soon. I'm glad the furkids are all doing fine.

Thanks for the update.


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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 5:20am
Hi Gwenn! It's good to see you again. I'm sorry things have been so hectic for you lately - I know how that is...not fun! I'm glad the furbabies are doing well.


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