I need help and advice with a sick kitty

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I need help and advice with a sick kitty
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 1:11pm
I'm hoping I can bring my cat home from the vets today, I hope hope hope! He's been there since yesterday morning.

I noticed over the weekend that he just wasn't acting "right". Not as affectionate as he usually is, and not eating as well. I took him to the vets Monday and he checked him out and all he could find was that he acted as if it hurt when he pushed on his kidneys. He had no temp. He was given a shot and two antibiotics. That evening he wasn't feeling any better, but I thought maybe the antibiotics need time to work. Yesterday morning he seemed worse, just laying. When I would pick him up and move him, he would get up, and walk right back to the kitchen and lay down. So called the vet again and took him back in. His bladder was blocked and he was unable to go to the bathroom. When we had gone the day before his bladder was empty so he had been able to use the bathroom. So they kept him and put in a cathedar and said they would flush him bladder.

They called me at noon yesterday and the vet said that he didn't like the way Mister's kidneys felt and asked to do blood work. So that was done and he called later and said that his kidneys were fine, white count was fine, but his liver enzymes were three times the normal amount. Our other cat, had hepatidic lipidosis which was caused because he wasn't eating due to cancer. He was put to sleep this past october. But he had reached the point of not eating at all. Mister was eating, but not as usual.

Today I called and the vet said they took the cathedar out and he was going to the bathroom on his own. He had discussed the blood work with the other vet and they came to the conclusion that all this was caused by cystitis. When my other cats had this they always had potty accidents. We had another cat that had chronic cystitis, we battled it for months, and when the vet could not give me at least a 50/50 chance that surgery would correct it I chose to have her put to sleep. She was having bladder spasms that were incapacitating to her. She was miserable. So I've dealth with this before, with all my cats at some time or another and missing the box was my sign to take them to the vet, once missing the box and to the vet we went. Mister has not missed the box once. There was no excess licking, none of the signs that I am use to looking for with cystitis.

They are keeping Mister for now and force feeding him to see if that will make his liver enzymes return to a more normal level. He said if he begins to eat on his own today I can bring him home tonight. If not he will have to stay.

It just concerns me that I missed this. I'll talk to the vet again this afternoon but I guess what I am asking is what other signs of a bladder infection should I look for? I do keep track of their eating, they are fed every morning and usually their bowls are empty and they are at their food dish before I even get the dish filled. Only Sunday was Mister slow to come and Monday he didn't at all. In those two days he became very sick.

I've also tried various brands of urinary tract food, but Mister hasn't been able to tolerate any of them. They caused diarrea and extreme gas, so we always ended up going back to the brand he could tolerate. I went to the store again and found that the generic brand we use has come out with a urinary tract health type so we're going to try that. What do I do if he can't tolerate this???

Just really concerns me that I missed this but he had none of the signs my other cats have always had. He's been with us for a year and a half and has been a very healthy cat, the only vet visit for other than routine car was for tape worms.

Also if he had cystitis wouldn't his white count be up? If it was severe enough to block his bladder, would it not have been an infection and wouldn't that make the white count high? The vet said there was mucus in his urine.

Can a cat have liver problems if they go without eating for such a short time?

What else can I do besides a food designed for urinary tract health? What if he can't tolerate this type that I have found? We've tried all the vet prescribed brands and all on the store shelves.

Just sort of confused about all this, this has been so unlike anything I have dealth with before. He had NO signs of this, and for it to reach the point it has, he has to have had this for a very long time.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 2:22pm
Hi Brenda,

Wow you and Mister have been going through a lot lately. That is scary that you didn't notice any symptoms Mister was having. I'm glad you got him back to the vet in time.

Sometimes the white count isn't up when cats have FLUTD. My kitty Honey recentally had one and her white count was OK, but there was blood in her urine, just not an infection. My vet said it could be a stone in her bladder that caused irritation, but no infection.

Yes, cat's livers can be damaged if they don't eat for even short period of time.

When you switched Mister to urinary tract food, did you do it graudually over a week or so? If not it can cause gas and loose stools. The gas a loose stools may be better than a blocked urinary tract right now. You can probably give him something for the gas so he is comfortable.

Be sure to give him all of the medicines the vet prescribes too. That's also very important. Ask your vet any questions and voice your concerns. Most vets are happy to help out. They don't like these kinds of emergencies because they are so dangerous for the cat.

Good luck and let us know how Mister is doing.


Leslie (cl-lcni)


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 6:11pm
Hi Brenda,

Last October my Sammy was diagnosed with FLUTD. The first time I noticed it was some blood near the litter box. Then one morning, Sammy hopped into my bathroom sink, he does that in the mornings to play with the water from the tap. But instead of waiting for me to turn on the tap, he peed, and it was just a dribble of pee with blood in it. However, the night before he was in and out of the litter box, but I didn't notice it. When I saw the blood in the bathroom sink, I called the vet right away and I took him in within a few hours. She checked him out and put him on a diet of Hills S/D for a month. After a week on the diet, he was fine and peeing normally. I followed the vets prescription and kept him on the diet for the month (4 weeks). After the problem was solved,the vet put him on a diet of Medi-cal Preventative.

While he was on the Medi-cal preventative, in January, his FLUTD flaired up again. At the first sign, he was back at the vets being checked out, and again he was put back on the Hills S/D. He cleared up again within the week, but remained on his prescription for six weeks and then went back to the Medi-cal preventative.

In early March he came down with it again. Knowing the symptoms, I went to the vet and got him the presription Hills S/D. He will be on it for another 4 to 6 weeks. I also had a great chat with his vet.

She said that since Sammy never got blocked, there is a possibility that he does not have struvite crystals in his bladder but another form of UTD, she called idiocystisis(sp?) as it seems to be recurring every few months. According to the vet, this is not fatal and ought to clear up on its own within a week or two. But she said, she could not be sure until she had a urine sample. She said to continue the diet with Hill S/D as it clears him up within a few days, and the next time, to bring him in, they would keep him for a few hours and get a urine sample and from that make a more difinitive diagnosis.

I might add that anytime that Sammy has had this, he showed no other symptoms other than blood in his urine and only doing little piddles of pee with blood in it. Otherwise, he is totally healthy, playful and full of eneregy.

I hope this is helpful... all the best and good luck,

Patrick (sammycat2002)