Kitten food suggestions please!

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Kitten food suggestions please!
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 2:45pm
My little Mischa has been eating Royal Canin Growth Formula for kittens. She is almost 6 mos. old and seems to do well with it. She likes it and she seems healthy (shiny coat, etc.)

Problem is, it's one of the most expensive and I am a poor college student! I will keep her on it for a while, but I was wondering if there were other high quality foods you all have had experience with?

I notice food is sometimes cheaper at Petsmart (where I get her Nutro soft food), but I can only get Royal Canin at Petco. I was considering one of the Nutros, but what is the difference between Nutro Max and Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care? Also, what does everyone think about Iams? My mom (who has only had dogs but gets around at the pet stores) always thought it was high quality, but the girl at the petsmart by me said it was terrible! I am guessing she was exaggerating.

Thanks in advance! I could really use advice, as Mischa is my first kitten and I want to do the best for her.

Candace (and Mischa)

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 3:08pm
I personally use Nutro Max kitten (and will be switching to Max Cat soon). I think it's great food for the price. The kitten usually runs around $22.99 for a 20lb (huge) bag and the Cat formula is around $21.99 (or $18.99 on sale at Petsmart). I will defentally agree that Petsmart is the cheapest. Nutro Max claims less stool and less smell, helps maintain urinary tract health (low in magnesium) and is good for there eyes, coat (less shedding and hairballs) and many other good things. The most important thing is when switching your kitty over is to do it gradually or you'll upset her tummy. Start by mixing the food together slowly (ie more old food to new food, then equal amounts, then more new food, then finally all new food) this should take 7-12 days to complete. Important things to consider when selecting food that doesn't always pertain to "quality". #1. It has to be something your kitten will eat. #2. It has to be something that you can comfortablly afford & #3 It has to meet your kitties nutritional needs. I have also heard that the Purina brands (Ie: kitten chow, cat chow) is pretty decent quality too and low in price. Compare the backs of bags! Main thing is lots of love and normal scheduled vet care your kitty should live a long and wonderful life.

Good Luck!

Jenny :) Simba & Sammy
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 3:35pm
I adopted Sammy when he was a kitten of 8 months old. I fed him techni-cal for kittens. I adopted my Misha when she was 12 weeks old and I fed her the same thing.

Misha has turned one year old today, but for the last few weeks, she has been getting some of Sammy's food, Hills S/D as Sammy has at UTD. But she always gets her own food in the mornings and at dinner time. There is no problem with her eating Sammy's food, as long as she gets her own food. The problem is that Sammy does invade her her dish, so to make sure Sammy only gets his prescription food, I put some in Misha's dish too. It won't harm Misha, but her food will be harmful to Sammy.

Misha is quite healthy and her fur glistens.

The techni-cal is not all that expensive and it is high quality cat food. I think, better than Purina.

Hope this is helpful.

Patrick (sammycat2002)

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 4:00pm
I feed my 8 mo. old and year old kitties Nutro Max Cat dry and Nutro Gourmet Classics/Nutro Complete Care wet twice a week because they love it. All Nutro stuff is great quality. I was also told by many sources that Iams is not great stuff (by-products, a lot of filler, etc.). So, I would gradually switch to Nutro (which I think you can get at almost any Pet store). I know how you feel about expensive foods though...I got some sample packs of very expensive stuff like Wysong and Felidae which the kitties liked but I couldn't afford to feed all the time. :)