Male Cat Spray . . . or Skunked?

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Male Cat Spray . . . or Skunked?
Tue, 11-02-2010 - 12:31pm

I don't know what is stinking my cat/house up ?!?!

In feb I inherited my grandmas' cat.

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Thu, 11-04-2010 - 6:57am

Welcome to the board.

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Thu, 11-04-2010 - 9:59am
Thanks Catwoman - - - he actually does spend his nights outside now that he lives with me. I aired out the room he sleeps in and it's not so bad now. When h cae home yesterday I plugged my nose and had a good look - there's quite a scungy spot with that smell on him right behind his ear/on his neck. He's definately been hit with something so as stinky as it is, I'm glad tothink he didn't spray (he couldn't have sprayed himself in this spot) . . . so off for a good shampoo he is going :-)
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Fri, 11-05-2010 - 9:10am
Yeah - sounds like he got into something. Hopefully the bath will help.
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Sat, 11-06-2010 - 12:17pm
well he came out of hiding last night with goo all over his neck (behind his ear) and stinking something nasty, with a big bald spot on top of his head.

Abscess !!! I called the vet to ask (I'd called a couple days earlier to ask if he'd heard of skunks in the area) and he said that's what it was (and the thought had come to him after we talked but I was just a random caller so he didn't know how to call back).

So I spent two hours last night with a warm cloth and ewwwwwwwwww the GOOO that came out was disgusting.

To the vet today for him to irrigate/clean it . . .

How disgusting !!

Seriously though - the caat literally STUNK up th house with is rotting head smell !!