My cat had 7 kittens...

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My cat had 7 kittens...
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 10:38am
about two weeks ago. She was taking care of them, but she has this habit of laying on them, walking on them, and stepping on them. A couple of days into it, two of them were suffocated. Today we found another one that is dead. When she steps on them, I usually pick her up to move her away, but she gets really defensive and will attack you and start clawing you and hissing, etc. Is there anything else we can do to make sure this doesn't happen? They usually meow and she'll move, but apparently today and the other days that didn't help. I don't want to lose any more!
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 6:54pm
Hi Grimmy35 and *WELCOME* to Cats! It sounds like she is very inexperienced...and she's growing mad whenever you go near them. So you can do one of two things - you can either take them away and supplement them with kitten formula yourself OR leave them with her in hopes she doesn't smother anymore of them. If you choose to supplement them, this needs to be done until they are 4-5 weeks old and then you can wean them onto kitten chow.

Good luck!


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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 9:31am
Hi Grimmy35. *WELCOME* to Cats. I'm so sorry about the kittens. Cl-Cat gave you a great solution, but a lot of work for you. There are many websites you can find that have help with raising kittens that you can probably find fairly easy. Other than seperating them I don't know of another solution. Hopefully once they get a few more weeks older they will be strong enough to get mama to move on their own.

Good luck,


Leslie (cl-lcni)