the start of kitten season

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the start of kitten season
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 8:53am

First, sorry if my appearances here have been a little spotty. I have problems getting on sometimes but I am reading.....  :) 

I have my first mom and litter of kittens for the season. Mom is Mist and is a medium hair gray tabby....she has three boys, one tuxedo and 2 black kittens now named after peppers: Jalapeno, Serrano & Poblano. They are about 5-6 weeks old and full of themselves. A man brought them into the rescue after finding them abandoned in an apartment. He said mom was being mean to the kittens and was afraid for them all. Turns out mom was starving and after a good meal took her kittens back right away. She is pretty skinny but took good care of the kitts.


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Fri, 02-01-2013 - 1:05pm

Oh boy it's kind of early for kitten season to be starting already.  That was so nice of that man to get Mist and the kittens to the shelter.  Mist sounds like she needs lots of groceries and some TLC.  I bet the kittens are so fun to watch.

One of the gals on PHP found this graphic and it reminded me of you so I thought you would like it.


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Sat, 02-09-2013 - 6:39pm

I think kitten season is approaching here as well.  We were never able to catch our Mama cat that had kittens last year when we caught her kittens early December.  She's huge already and wondered into our garage, which she has never done.  She tends to sleep elsewhere and eat at our house.  So we got a spot in the garage bathroom set up for her.  Thinking she might be getting ready to have her kittens.  Learned our lesson and this time will be using the kittens as bait to catch her.  I am not at all interested in this cycle continuing.