Story & an update

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Story & an update
Thu, 07-08-2010 - 8:34pm

Hello, everyone.

I haven't posted on here in a month or so, but just came by to check the recent posts. First of all...that hooray that Tommy isn't lost! It's such a horrible feeling to loose a kitty. They can't talk to anyone to tell you where they live, & of course the police won't help you like with a missing person. Anyway, the post reminded me to tell you a story of my 4th of July...

Paul was building a loft bed in our bedroom, & his brother came by with this nail gun & a some plywood to add to the project. Mia was sitting on the couch with me, until they turned on the super loud nail gun charger, she ran & hid behind the TV. I didn't see her move from there, & figured that she wouldn't leave until the guy who brought in all of the loud stuff left.

In the meantime, they were bringing in the plywood through the back door, & possibly having it open to do so.

It was a little before 8 when they finished up, & we were getting ready to leave to go watch fireworks with our families. I went to say goodbye to Ari, & couldn't find Mia anywhere. I assumed that she was hiding somewhere in the basement, & we searched & searched & searched everywhere! We searched all of her normal places, & a bunch more places that I was proud for finding assuming that she had to be there, & she was no where to be found.

Then I went outside, looked in all of the places that she hangs out when she's out there (which is only about 20 minutes a day). She always stays right along the perimeter of the house. By this time it was nearing 9:00 & dark. I was completely frantic, & looked all around the neighborhood with a flash light.

Finally after over an hour of freaking out, I went in the backyard one more time & called her name, & she came running out of the bushes meowing 'here I am!' I squeezed her so tightly! She must have gotten outside when they were moving in the wood, which again, is weird since she was hiding from the nail gun charger. Then instead of hanging out on the porch in plain sight like she always does in the backyard, she must have hid in the bushes because she was scared of the fireworks. I was so angry at the 4th of July during this fiasco for being loud & scaring poor Mia.

(by the way, Ari couldn't have cared less about the nail gun charger or the fireworks.)

Speaking of Ari, the update on him is that he still only stays in the back of the house going in between the two bedrooms. Generally he just stays in the spare bedroom, & ventures into our bedroom occasionally, but not as much as he used to before the loft bed construction. It's over now, & started all because Ari urinated on the matress again of our regular bed. Him & Mia get along just fine when they're in the bedrooms, but he just won't come out. It's been about six weeks. I guess we'll just wait it out. He seems very cozy in his bedroom now though.

Thanks for reading!

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Fri, 07-09-2010 - 9:06am

Thanks for the update.

Ari may just be more comfortable in that part of the house.

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Sat, 07-10-2010 - 1:02am
Good call. Now, thanks to Ari being a scary pants & not wanting to us the litter box in the basement, we have the litter box in the nice cozy extra bedroom. Therefore, anytime people are coming in and out of the house for now on, everyone's going in the 'cat room'. :)
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Sat, 07-10-2010 - 7:45am

Thanks for letting us know. I am so glad when the 4th is over. Good thing you found Mia- so many animals are affected by the loud noises and get confused. There is one scaredy cat here like Ari- hides most of the time- who knows why- I haven't figured out a good reason for it..



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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 4:43pm

Gosh I'm sure glad that you found Mia.