Unfriendly Cat

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Unfriendly Cat
Fri, 11-23-2012 - 5:04pm

My son left his 2 cats with me 3 years ago.  One of the cats has adapted nicely and comes to me for affection almost every day.  I have alway had cats and adopted a really friendly cat for myself 4 years ago so I am not without kitty love.  However the little unfriendly female cat won't warm up to me even though I give her and the other cats a pinch of catnip every night and special treats every morning.

My niece who lives with us says I should leave the faucet running and then "Chelsea" will warm up to me.  Well, my niece doesn't pay the water bill and doesn't seem to care about the environment.  I cannot in good conscience leave the water running.  I've turned it on when Chelsea is in the room and let her drink from the faucet, but she still runs from me and actually spits at me.  I've tried leaving my hand near her when I give her one of the special treats and she is starting to tolerate that.   I've tried different treats with Chelsea and the only ones she seems to like are catnip and milk , yogurt, cottage cheese etc.  She used to accept cat treats from my son, but now refuses them even from him.  When he comes to visit she screaches at him and hides. 

If she doesn't come aroud very soon.  I think I will tell my son to take her back.   She needs to go to the vet for a checkup and there is no way I can catch her to accomplish that.