Can dogs have fresh mint?

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Can dogs have fresh mint?
Sun, 04-12-2009 - 7:19am

I bought both a mint and peppermint herb plants and I'm wondering if it's ok to slip a little piece into their food a few days a week to try to combat some of that doggie breath?

Oh, BTW, the vet did say the PH in her urine was high, so they put her on an antibiotic (Clavamox) while they wait for culture results. Even with the antibiotics, it didn't stop her from urinating on the floor AGAIN while we were at work. When we're both home, she doesn't need to go out more often, which makes me think it's still behavioral and not really a UTI. You can have a high urine PH without necessarily having an actual UTI, right? Plus, the vet tech mentioned they would probably do an x-ray to check for stones to rule that out, but the vet didn't do that when we were there. I wonder why?

So, when I came home and found that she did it (and she ran to hide so I knew it was her), I brought her over to it, told her she was bad, and then locked her in that big ol' cage (now referred to as puppy jail) for about an hour and boy did she hate that! You would have thought that was the worse thing that ever happened to anyone, ever! Now, keep in mind that I never would have done that if I really suspected she has a UTI and really couldn't hold it. DH thought is was mean to put her in there, so now I'm referred to as the mean old mommy, GEESH!! Can you imagine? It ain't easy. So, "puppy jail" are two more words added to the vocabulary she knows and I think it might have worked. Before we went out for a few hours, I told her if she peed on the floor she was going to puppy jail again and she got a little frantic. DH said I put the fear of God into her. LOL Poor thing. BTW, DH brought her to the vet, so I don't really know what much of the conversation went like because I wasn't there (he works closer to home so it's easier for him to take her). I do know they drew labs for some reason though.

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Sun, 04-12-2009 - 7:13pm

It's fine to give them a little mint if she'll eat it.

It is possible to have a high pH and not have a true UTI - UTI's generally consist of a lot of bacteria and high white blood cell count in the urine. I don't know why your vet didn't take an x-ray to rule out stones, that seems like a logical thing to do. The vet probably took the labs to check for kidney, diabetes and liver issues.

Also... scolding her after (even 5 minutes after) she pees on the floor is not going to do any good, she isn't going to understand (or even know WHY) she is being scolded. She knows that when you scold her that she did something you didn't like but she doesn't know what at that point. You have to catch her in the actual act of peeing and use a firm NO and take her outside to finish.

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