10/19/09....MONDAY ROLL CALL....

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10/19/09....MONDAY ROLL CALL....
Mon, 10-19-2009 - 10:52am

Good morning everyone...and Welcome to Monday!!

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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 7:42am

Rebecca here in NE Illinois with the fur-kids Doby (9 yo Rottie/Aust Cattle dog mix) and Picaso (2 yo black Lab/Weimaraner mix).

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Tue, 10-20-2009 - 7:06pm
Jenn here in DC with Chihuahuas Maya, Lola, Nina and Pipa. The weather is finally starting to look up around here! The rain stopped a couple of days ago, but there's still been that chill in the air until this afternoon when it finally felt nice out. We're even hitting the low 70s for the next couple of days!