11/21/12....QOTW....Thanksgiving and Pets....

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11/21/12....QOTW....Thanksgiving and Pets....
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 1:59pm

Hi everyone...and I hope your week is going well so far. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

So tomorrow's Thanksgiving....the start of the Holiday Season. I'm just thankful that I have a day off....LOL.... It will just be DH and myself...and Cleo. I'm making turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and a coconut custard pie. I know that most of these things are not good for dogs....but since I'm making a turkey breast Cleo will get some turkey in her food....but that's it. And since it will only be "us" there will not be a lot of people in the house to either make her nervous or cause her to overindulge.

Do you make any special accommodations for your furkids during the holidays?