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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 12:20pm

Hello everyone...and Welcome to August!! I can't believe the year is over half over....and Summer will soon be done. Even though it stays really warm here through September I still hate the fact that the days are going to get shorter.

One of my trainers told me that he is thinking about getting a dog from an Aussie rescue. He lives with his GF and they now have two small dogs. He was asking my opinion on Aussies and I told him that, as long as he gives his dog a "job" to keep her happy, he shouldn't have a problem. He was concerned about how the new dog would fit in with his two current dogs. I told him that...you never know. Dogs have personalities just like humans. Some dogs love all dogs, some dogs love some dogs and some dogs don't care for other dogs at all.

Cleo fit in really well to our household; she became close to ^Samantha^ right away. And she loves all the dogs at the park; some more than others.

What personality traits do your furkids have?