8/27/12....MONDAY ROLL CALL....

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8/27/12....MONDAY ROLL CALL....
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 2:03pm

Hello everyone and I hope that you and your furkids are doing well. This weekend was a real washout...Saturday it "poured" all day, and most of yesterday too. I got so tired of hearing thunder!! And it was so on and off that you couldn't really plan for much. Today has been the same way. I know we need the rain...but I'm over it now....LOL.....

Let's have your name, location, furkids' names and breeds and....are you doing anything special for the Labor Day weekend?

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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 1:58am

Jen here from beautiful Washinton State. Fumom to "Lelu" a beautiful 3-1/2 y/o Boston Terrier. No plans for Labor Day. Just hanging around the house.