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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 8:17am
I have an eighteen-month old Boston. Her name is Holly - my husband calls her Holly Terror. I had a Boston when I was young and she was the sweetest thing. Nobody would describe Holly as sweet. That's for sure! Holly has fear-dominance issues. I also have a three-year old Lab. Holly and Piper adore each other.

We've greatly enjoyed looking at your websites. I love the bron Bostons. I have never seen one before. I would love to have another but I sense it's a little more than we can handle right now.


Sandra with Piper and Holly Terror

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 8:42am
Holly Teror gets a playmate of her same breed? What are you thinking darling Sandra? That would be like getting a Dammit Eddy; who, by the way, threw up on my dh's foot yesterday morning at 7:30. Dh took it better than I thought he would but needless to say he was in the "dog crate" for most of the morning.

Lee did talk me into letting her get a small horse. It would be kept at her Aunt Ann's horse farm across the lake. She has race horses, two trail horses that Lee gets to ride from time to time. Of course, Lee picks out the largest, Tuff, at 18 hands and some 1,700 pounds. She loves it. So a small horse, western saddle and riding habit are in her future. Ann's place is on the way to the sanctuary so we will be on the northshore a lot in the coming months.

Dammit Eddy sends hugs to Holly Terror.

Love to you also,


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 12:35pm
Hugs to Dammit from Holly and Piper. By the way, good shot with the shoe thing Ed! You are an expert at the unexpected.

Last weekend I almost bought a second BT pup. One of my employees said that I am trying to create a distraction from work. I was so terrified by the strength of my drive to do this thing that it has left me shaking. I must be totally out of my mind.

Hope you are well.

OK. Did you say a small pony for Lee at 18 hands? Even I know that's a big one!



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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 3:41pm
OH MY...18 mths old...

Misty (the brown one) just turned a year old...and trust me she is also a holy terror..

Plus Banshee is just 3 (notice the name??) she is Misty's aunt so they are from the same line & gene pool & between them it's chaos here many days...

I had to by a new gate to keep by the front door...Misty chewed the new one has the wood slats that go staight down & my hubby attached some plexi glass so she can't chew the wood...what does she do...she breaks off the plexi glass & this gate is a bit shorter then the other one & can jump over it...but, jumps over & then won't jump back.

Then there is Peanut, the mast cell tumor boy that only had 2-9 mths to live in Sept 2001 when he came to me. Trust me he's not going anywhere anytime soon (hubby says has it to good). He chewed the hoses to the pool filter on Saturday...Hubby hooked up filter to drain pool & now the filter is a very expensive sprinkler when it's on, the water squirts out of the many holes in the hoses...

Mind you he did this & was at the vet that day for cornea ulcer..You can see that that don't bother him either...

Misty also chewed a whole in my carpet...good think I had extra piece to cut & glue in it..This is just the begining of Misty/Banshee/Peanut adventures..

The photo's I have of it all are to many to post..LOL

So your sense in getting another is right in one aspect...but,

just think of how much the new pup will torment Holly...she'd leave you alone more..LOL

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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 6:31am
I had seriously considered the torment factor for a new pup with Holly! My biggest fear is that both BTs would then torment Piper my Lab and like Shotzie, Piper would end up vacating to the second floor permanently.

So I am getting the sense that Holly's terrorism is potentially part of the breed from your three. Now mind you, the rest of yours seem calmer. By the way, how do you get them all to stay still for pictures? It's hard to get one BT to stay still for long never mind 6 wearing outfits! LOL.

Have a great BT day!


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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 1:20pm
Yes the older ones are bit more calmer...they do have their moments...

Mugsy is a ball addict & whenever he does have a ball, Misty & Banshee must have it..

Then Botchie is a great one for playing tug of war...should see when she has a toy & there are Banshee & Misty each with a part of the toy too...LOL

Sweetpea will just watch from the couch...but, she too does get into it...but, it's mainly the terrors...

As for getting them to sit & pose, they just do...The ones I've had from Pups have been doing so since day one...

But, Mugsy was a rescue & of course so was Peanut, but, they are just hams..and they know afterwards they get a bunch of treats...

I just tell them to stay..sit pretty & they do..LOL

(I really use duct tape on their butts) LOL only kidding
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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 6:49am
LOL! Your crew sounds like so much fun! Some day I will have a pack like this too!