A few questions from a new dog owner

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A few questions from a new dog owner
Thu, 07-19-2012 - 7:52pm

Hi everyone.

To re-introduce myself, my name is Michelle & I adopted a pitbull puppy 2.5 months ago.  She's 7 months old now.  She's generally a delight, but I do have a few questions about how to handle her sometimes.

1.  When we first got her, she'd go to bed around 10:00, & wake up whining to go out around 6 or 6:30.  The past few weeks it's been no later then 5:30.  How do we get her to sleep a little later?  We always make sure she goes out right before bed too.

2. When we leave her alone for a few hours during the day, she has a million toys laying around the house.  Yet, she always goes for the rugs to chew on & destroy.  Why?  How do we make her stop?

3. Her favorite treat is a bone w/frozen peanut butter smeared inside.  We usually give her one everytime we leave the house w/out her.  No more than one a day.  Is that okay for her to eat?  

I think that's it.  I might come back w/more later!  

Thanks a lot. 

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Re: A few questions from a new dog owner
Sun, 07-29-2012 - 1:55pm

Fiona is adorable and looks like a really happy girl! I agree on the bones, try filling them with more of a mix with kibble and peanut butter where you just use a bit of peanut butter on the ends the get her interested. You can also try stuffing the bones with a mix of kibble and wet dog food and freezing that if you want to cut down on the fat. On her getting up early to go out, one other thing I would mention is in addition to taking her out one last time right before bed, I would also take up her water an hour before bedtime to help make sure her system is cleared out.

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Tue, 08-14-2012 - 8:41pm

Hi, there. 

I haven't had a puppy in a really long time, but my daughter has a Pug that turned 2 in April.  She lives in an apartment and teaches school.  Pre has been crated every time she leaves him at home until this summer.  She is now keaving him loose in the apartment when she goes to the pool or to run errands, and he is fine.  She will probably go back to crating him when she returns to school and is gone all day.  I don't think I would give a dog free reign until at least age 2.

My dogs are 12, 9 and 9.  I let them out last thing before we go to bed, but whaatever time that is, they seem to awaken with the morning light.  That's not too bad from now until we switch back to Standard Time, when dawn will be something like 5:30.  It's just something I have to live with.  If I crated mine (which I do not -- all three sleep on my bed with me), I would put a blanket over the crate to keep them in the dark longer.

I love your little Pittie, by the way.