FRIDAY FREE SPEECH! Have a pet peeve?

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FRIDAY FREE SPEECH! Have a pet peeve?
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:13pm
Just need to vent? Now's the time to do it!

You do not have to relate your message with dogs. Speak out on anything you'd like from how unfair your boss is, to how bad your toothache is! Sorry, but there are a few minor rules to follow...

Rule #1 Please do not use names in your posts. (If your neighbor is giving you a bad time, just don't tell us his/her name.)

Rule #2 Please do not ask to have a commercial business or website boycotted. (Dunkin' Doo-Hickeys, get the idea...)

Rule #3 No SPAM allowed!

Rule #4 No beating up iVillage *or* yourself.

Have fun! Get rid of the frustration! Pop that stress balloon!

Hugs, *C*

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 1:06pm
I have been very "peeved" lately, even though I'm not sure I'd relate my situation to pet peeves.

I live with my husband and our newly adopted dog(we've had her two months)in a good-sized city that has leash laws and all that sort of stuff.

All of my family lives not quite an hour away in a slightly smaller town that doesn't really have regulations like that. My grandparents live just outside of that town in "the country" where they don't have any type of rules....dogs can roam around free.

Well around my grandparents neighborhood there about three dogs that just roam around. It turns out that one of the dogs was abandoned out there some time ago- but there are neighbors who put food out for it. Another of the dogs, no one seems to know where it comes from. These two dogs are both shepherd mixes of some type (I think). Then there's a third dog, it's a yellow lab mix. It has an "owner" but he does little more than put out food for the dog. The dog is old, and for some reason doesn't want to go "home". My grandma puts out scraps for the dog because she doesn't want him to starve, and she's tried to contact the owner a couple of times- one time he told her just to shoot the dog (we're not sure how serious he was about that) and another time he just hung up on her.

I don't think people in the neighborhood are being nice to this dog, I visit my grandmother every other Sunday and it seems each time I see the old yellow dog he's a little worse for wear. BUT he's a GREAT dog. He is very nice to people (including children) and just basks in whatever attention or affection is offered. He does well with other dogs (I've had him around my dog and my grandma's dogs).

The sad thing is I seem to be the only person trying to speak up for this poor animal. He hangs around my grandma's house, partially cause she puts out food and water because she doesnt want him to suffer (she does not, however, want to keep the dog) but I think he's also waiting for me. He's always SO excited when I visit, it seems I'm the only one that's showing him affection and kindness.

HERE'S where it gets really frustrating. I tried to speak out just to my family about being nice to the dog. It's not his fault that his owner is a jerk. This old yellow dog, I call him Buddy because he seems like such a great companion, is just looking for someone to love and for someone to love him. I'd take him except that I have no yard and my landlord only allows "small" dogs- this dog is not small. :) But when I've tried to talk to my family about finding help they only tell me how because the dog lives in the country there is nothing that can be done. It's outside of city limits so animal control and the humane society will not get involved. (Or at least that's what everyone kept telling me) I was heartsick with compassion for these dogs (especially "buddy") and heartbroken because it seemed no one wanted to help them.

Surely, I thought, there's always SOMETHING that can be done. So after returning to my home (an hour away) one weekend I e-mailed a couple of different animal shelters in the town where my family lives. One of them it turned out, was only a small breed rescue and so their advice was limited. However, the local humane society has been very helpful, they have been by my grandmas to see the dog, and will be leaving a notice with his "owner" to have him seek medical treatment. If he does not then hopefully they will be able to get this dog out of a potentially harmful situation. I am afraid that someone will take the situation into their own hands and try to harm the dog.

I realize his chances of being adopted are low. He's old and he doesn't appear to be healthy- I'm not sure if it's a disease or if it's something that was caused by a person. But at this point, I would take euthanizing him to letting him be harmed or letting him suffer.

It's just be so frustrating that there weren't more programs in place to help. That's what has me peeved. I have sent letters to the sheriff as well as the county commissioner telling them that there is a problem with stray dogs out in "the country" and there needs to be more programs in place to help these animals. It doesn't seem to me that dogs in city limits should have different rights then the dogs outside of city limits.

Okay, sorry for rambling on so. This has just been a frustrating situation.

Thanks for listening!



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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 1:16am
I agree with you on all counts, Beth! As for the handicap parking, I used to scoff at people who used those parking places when I saw them get out of the car and walk into the store. Their having no outward sign of a physical disability really irked me. However ~ I now have to park in those special spaces and I walk into the store. I have a serious spinal condition that prevents my walking very far. My thigh and calf muscles cramp (like a "charlie-horse") and my right foot also cramps and then goes numb. I could probably deal with the pain because I have a very high tolerance to pain, but no one can get very far with cramped muscles. I've changed my way of thinking when it comes to people using the handicap parking.

Thanks so much for responding to the Friday Free Speech! That's why I post it.

Hugs, *C*

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 8:57am
This could be a dangerous subject!

Pet peeves....People who get dogs because "I liked the look of him" and have no idea how to deal with the breed.

People who bring a dog into their home and expect that dog to automatically know what it's supposed to do. WITHOUT training.

People who let their dogs run loose in the neighborhood.

Back yard Breeders.

People who don't spay and neuter their pets.

People who aren't handicapped parking in handicapped parking places (and no, I'm not handicapped, I just hate it when people do this).