gracie's new outfit LOL

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gracie's new outfit LOL
Sun, 09-27-2009 - 2:20pm
Teagan has decided she wants to take Gracie trick or treating with us this year ... but she's never had clothes on to amount to nothing so i wasnt sure how she'd react to it....

so when KMart had a hoodie on sale for 3.99 i decided to pick it up and try it LOL...she paid NO attention to it whatsoever and it's so freakin cute LOLOL... so i think im going to go ahead and get her a costume

Gracie in her hoodie hahaha


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Mon, 09-28-2009 - 10:47am
OMG...she looks just adorable!!
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Mon, 09-28-2009 - 9:27pm
She looks so cute and completely comfortable in her hoodie! I'm sure she'll be fine with a costume and if you want to be positive she'll allow it then just stick with something that doesn't involve putting anything on her head!