Help dieting dog lover can't resist his doxie begging spots, weak hearted

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Help dieting dog lover can't resist his doxie begging spots, weak hearted
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 4:28am

My DW and I always had dashhunds during our 37 years of marriage. I would like ask others how to keep these low riders velociraptors fed, or should I say keep them from being over fed. Those begging spots above their eyes put a real hurt trip on me, and DW is always telling me don’t feed the dog one meal a day is enough, and that dry dog food doesn’t look very tasty although she gobbles it down. Penny is my buddy and I don’t think she can ever get enough loving, especially belly rubs. Help a weak hearted dog lover.  

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My Cleo had been overweight for a while, and our vet told us she "had" to lose weight.  I feed her only dry food twice a day.  She's about 55 lbs. (lab/mix) and gets a cup and a half at each meal.  I feel her Nutro Natural Choice Lite.  She also gets about one and a half Milk Bones per day.

DH and I own a busines so we're not home often....but during the day when we get home we do take Cleo for a walk.  Then on the weekends DH takes her to the dog park for exercise.

Yes...they will beg....Cleo definitely does.  But she gets nothing from the table...ever. 

My mom has a doxie and has to watch her weight.  All dogs can become unhealthy or have physical problems if they are overweight.  I know it's tough looking at those eyes....but you have to be strong.

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HI and I hear you as it is hard to say NO to Doxie's.   My Rudi will be 2 years in January so at first being a puppy she could eat and eat, but now I limit how much dry food she gets a day and try and limit the snacks too.  I still have the bad habit of she gets treat when she goes potty outside and she is hooked on her dentastix every day.

Living in Ohio it has been a challenge but being retired I have been able to walk her every day, if we went nonstop would be a little over 30 minute walk but she stops and sniffs so it turns into an hour.   Some days we get a second much shorter walk .

I buy the MIlkbones mini biscuits so she feels like she is getting a treat but much smaller than the puppy size ones.

When I finish this bag of Beneful, will go to the healthy weight one as that will be several months from now.

Last time at the vet she was 19.4,  she is sturdy built but not fat, or at least not yet.   I was told by the owners of the parent dogs that Rudi was a mini, well, she grew into a standard as is long and looks good at this weight.   We were lucky last year and could walk more winter days than not but I will have to be stern and on days we can't walk outside, less treats or something.

Did you see the youtube video of the Doxie at 70#?     take care,  Josie

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You can try keeping some healthy snacks on hand, too, so that she gets a little treat that is not bad for her. Dogs are omnivores and depending on their own tastes, just like humans they will eat a variety of things. Some dogs love carrots, so if Penny is interested you could keep a bag of baby carrots on hand and treat her to one of those.

It's really funny how much their tastes vary...three of my dogs love salmon and getting a little bite when we are making it for dinner, but my youngest dog (and cat, funny enough) don't care for it. My dogs also love tofu if I'm cutting some up and one of my girls adores broccoli (yes, as you can tell mine do get bites of people food at times).