Help save my dogs!

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Help save my dogs!
Sun, 04-06-2003 - 3:39pm
We are in desperate need of help. I am trying to save the lives of my daughters dogs. In Oct. of last year, my daughter's dogs got in a fight with a neighbors dog. My neighbor, whose name is Sharon, came out and tried to break up the fight and in the process she was bitten.

It was a terrible thing to happen and I witnessed it. I had gone out to let Angie's (my

daughter) dogs in just like we have done a hundred times or more. I unhooked them from their cabels and they headed for my house. Sharon's dog showed up out of nowhere and headed for my yard. Angies dogs saw him, turned around and chased after him. They wound up in Sharons front yard and got into a fight. Sharon heard the comotion and came out to try to stop them. In all of the confusion that followed, whe was bitten 3 times. I saw Angie's dog bite her once after Sharon yelled at me and pushed me away (I had gone over to her and put my arms around her). As for the other two bites, I don't know which dog was responsible.

I guess I need to give a little background information as to my neighbors and their dog.

Their dog has run loose for over 4 years (there is a leash law where we live even though we are out in the county). Angie and her boyfriend moved in across from them about 2 years ago. Angie has 2 dogs (from the same litter). The mother is full blooded boxer and the father is boxer mixed. They are large dogs but so was our neighbors. They spend most of their time inside and when they were out, they were on a cabel. Sharon's dog would come over into our yard and get just out of reach of them and agravate them. It had also become mean and agressive. It came into my yard and attacked our small dog and caused a lot of injury. Sharon's husband also told a neighbor that he had taken to carrying a gun with him when he would go out to feed his animals because he was afraid of his own dog. He also bragged to his co-workers how he would shoot at Angies dogs while they were tied up and no one was home. He has shot on of her dogs when it got off its cabel and ran into his field. These are not what you would call friendly neighbors.

A few days ago we were served papers to appear in court for a Show Cause hearing. We contacted several lawyers for advice and they listened to our problem. When we told them that Sharon worked for the police department, it became a Conflict ot Interest and they were unable to help us. The last lawyer that we spoke with read us the law about dogs that bite and told us that we had very little hope of saving them. He would be willing to represent us but didn't think he could offer us much hope. He said we would probably have just as good a chance on our own! And that's where we are now. We go to court April 8 with little hope and many prayers.

I have talked to many people but no one has any advice. Someone finally suggested getting on the internet and posting a message. We don't want to downplay the fact that Sharon got hurt. She did and it was terrible. But I question why she waited so long to do anything. Angie kept her dogs quaranteened for 10 days (Sharon did not have to quaranteen her dog). She never let them run and built a 20x20 foot pen with a concreet floor and a roof so that there was no way that they could get loose. She takes them back and forth with a leash and takes every percaution possible. They have never caused any problem until this incident. We no longer have to worry about the neighbors dog because it was picked up. Sharon called animal control and claimed Angie's dogs were out. When animal control come out they were in their pen but her dog was loose so it was picked up.

She told animal control that she did not want to pick up her dog and as far as we know, it was put to sleep. We received our paperwork shortly after that.

Thanks to all of you that have taken the time to read this. If any of you have any advice, PLEASE e-mail me.

Thank you,
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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 6:24pm
Welcome to the Dogs Board mama19932003...this sounds like a terrible situation for you and your daughter. Since your daughter "does" work for the Police Department, doesn't she have any connections as far as lawyers are concerned? You should "definitely" have a lawyer when you go to this hearing.

Perhaps the members over on the Animal Rescue Board may have some insight for you:

I'm so sorry that I have no better advice, but maybe one of our other members can give you some direction.