Hi, I'm new here.

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Hi, I'm new here.
Sun, 06-03-2012 - 10:47am

Hello.  My name is Michelle.  I grew up with cats, always have had my own cats as an adult, & am generally a very cat oriented person.  I've always enjoyed other peoples' dogs, but never wanted to have one.  My dh, Paul, has a bunch of crazy ideas that I never let him do.  When he mentioned that he wanted a dog, I decided to let him win that one.  I was very concerned about my two kitties, & how they would get along.

About three & half weeks ago we adopted a Pitbull mix from the shelter.  Paul's brother adopted a pitbull about a year ago, & he's such an amazing dog.  Our new pup is called  Fiona, & I'm absolutely in love w/her!  She was five months old when we got her, & for a pitbull puppy, she is not overly wild at all.  Her & one of our cats, Ari, get along really well.  Mia hid in the basement (which has a kitty door on it) for the first week or two, but now she will come upstairs as long as Fiona is outside or sitting still.  They're definitely making progress.

Fiona is generally non-agressive towards the cats, but sometimes she doesn't quite realize that they don't want to play w/her the way that her dog friends do.  Any suggestions on how to make her realize that?  She's a very smart girl, but she sure loves to play w/anything that moves.  

Here are some pictures of my furbabies:


Mia, 6 year old

get-attachment.aspx.jpeg Ari, 5 years 


get-attachment-1.aspx.jpegFiona, 6 months

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 10:37am

Welcome to the board, and congratulations on your new family addition of Fiona! All three are gorgeous and I am glad to hear that they are sorting out their relationships. Since the cats have a place where they can escape when they need to (downstairs) I think you can continue to let them figure it out. With Fiona being a puppy, she'll have a higher energy level when she's awake even though she's not a wild pup. Just make sure you're giving her plenty of exercise and interactive play with you so that she doesn't try to rely on the cats as her primary outlet for play. But the main thing is for the cats to have their own area where they can slip away if she becomes too much at times and it sounds like you have that covered!