I have a great idea about dog toys!

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I have a great idea about dog toys!
Sat, 07-21-2012 - 12:53pm

I've noticed that when we buy our seven month old pitbull puppy a new toy, she is super excited for a day or two.  After that, she loses interest.  It seems like none of her toys excite her anymore.  My brother in law has a pitbull as well, Ronan, who's a little older then our Fiona.  We usually try to have a puppy play date about once a week, & they just love each other.  

Anyway, I had an idea that we should gather up all of Fiona's toys & trade them w/Ronan's toys.  Then she'll have a whole new batch of interesting toys that smell like her best buddy.  In a few weeks, we could trade back, & it'd be like Christmas all over again.

Has anyone tried this?  What do you think?

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Sun, 07-29-2012 - 2:01pm

That's a great idea, I would give it a try! Maybe if she has a real favorite toy I would hang onto that one just to make sure it doesn't get destroyed while traded, but otherwise swapping them out could be a lot of fun for both dogs!

One of our dogs is really into toys, and we have a little toy box with all of them. She has a couple of favorites that she always keeps out, but she will also go in and root around and find something that she hasn't played with in a while and she gets excited all over again. She kind of self-rotates her toys, lol.

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Wed, 07-25-2012 - 12:30pm

That's why most shelters are so in need of blankets and towels...they have to be cleaned regularly and replaced.  I took a huge amount of old towels over to my local shelter after I lost my ^Samantha^...since she was incontinent towards the end I was constantly cleaning towels, but once I lost her I didn't need as many as I had.

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Wed, 07-25-2012 - 10:30am

Awesome idea!  And when you clean the toys you can just toss them in the washing machine when you wash dog bedding and towels. 

If a person comes to meet a dog at the shelter and we take a toy out to the outside run, it is tossed into a bin when they come back in.  Each dog has a toy in their cage, and when the cage is cleaned, the toy is replaced with a clean one.  Everything is run through the commercial washer.  We have a volunteer who does nothing but shelter laundry.  Mountains of it.