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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 5:05pm

Before anyone asks, she is ALIVE, WELL, NO BROKEN BONES, I PROMISE.

Last evening, after dinner, I sat down at my computer desk, looked for my glasses, they were mysteriously missing.  I KNEW that I left them there, I always do unless I am leaving the house or planning to read in bed before going to sleep.  My mate and I started looking for them.  Found them in his computer room, on the floor, in the corner, ear arms chewed all to whatever and back and BOTH eye lenses scratched!  Seems either my precious baby puppy OR HER BEST FRIEND FOREVER, our baby kitty Snickers, had gotten them knocked to the floor for her to play with.  : )  My $350 pair of glasses are all but ruined, of course my exam was over a year ago and my prescription is out of date and my insurance on my glasses, well it went out too last month. Hoping the lens CPR repair kit I just ordered will make them usable for a couple of months. LOL, at least trying so hard to LOL!

About an hour before bedtime, discovered the baby precious Puppy had all but chewed through the Cable connection wire that leads through the wall from one computer room to the other and powers my TV and computer internet, thankfully both are working OK, going to repair in a couple of hours when my mate brings home electrical tape purchased after work today.

PLEASE REMIND ME of how this angel loves me more than chocolate ice cream and will protect me with her life when she gets grown.  : )





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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 10:13pm

If I were you, I'd get each of them a crate and put 'em in it when you can't watch them.  I would be furious.

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 2:18pm

I feel your pain....but having the puppy crated is more than not having her destroy things....it is for her own protection.  As you said...she could have really injured herself if she had chewed through a live wire.  Or swallowed pieces of the glasses and had them cause an obstruction.

I've had dog destroy things in my house and many times my DH would marvel that I didn't get angry.....I would just clean up the mess and worry that my pup would get sick.

I remember the day when my mom called me because her dog had eaten a box of poison that she had put down for mice.  She had pushed the box way back on the side of the stove.  Then she swept the floor and pushed the box back....but obviously not far enough....and Lady got to it.  She called me in a panic; of course, it was a Sunday and all the vets were closed.  I found an emergency vet and called them; they told me what to do and told me to bring Lady in immediately.  Three days in the hospital later....Lady was fine.

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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 5:19am

HI, my Rudi will be 2 years in January.    Early on I caught her with extension cords in her mouth, so I blocked access with old bed pillows or boxes or whatever I could find.  To this day I have toilet brush cleaner on top of toilet and an unused wastebasket in front of the real one so she can't get into it.   I have my bedroom blocked by a magazine rack as I have my late Mom's collection of elephant statues and I have caught her with them in her mouth and some are small enough to swallow or decorations on them that would come off.

I have caught her trying to walk on end tables like a cat might.   And just yesterday there was some students walking outside and she did her run from couch, jump off into the air, to the front door and then the back, jump back on couch and the routine starts over and it goes nonstop way past the student is well past our house.

She is a doxie and the vet has told me to limit stairs so a larger dog jumping up and down couches might be fine, but I fear what would happen if she did that for like 6 hrs while I was gone somewhere.  I did buy her a 2 step thing to use to get on the couch, which she does use some of the time.

All of that means, when I can't watch her for any length of time the safest place for her is her crate.  I am retired and widowed so she has plenty of free time running around 4 rooms of the house.  But her safety for me is more important than her having freedom 24/7.   I live in a small rural town but my house is very close to the street and there is almost constant traffic out there and even with blinds down, she hears the noise and without me to calm her down, I fear what would happen if I wasn't here.   Maybe some day she will mellow out, but not today.