Leash Training - large powerful dogs

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Leash Training - large powerful dogs
Wed, 08-03-2011 - 12:27pm

I have two large (50-70 lbs.) rescue dogs who are almost four years old - and scared of everything.

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Wed, 08-03-2011 - 3:42pm

I know how to do it but its hard to explain - but when I use the word "baby steps" - thats what you have to do.

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Thu, 08-04-2011 - 11:27am

Bless you for adopting these two deserving furkids....but I do know what you mean about leash training.

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Thu, 08-04-2011 - 4:11pm

Yes - the gentle leader is great - I've used that too - I just asked my gf that had a 5yr old rescue and it took them time to get use to the muscle (a germ shep) - they can't get them

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Wed, 08-10-2011 - 8:01pm
Chamadar is on the right track - a "collar" that just sits around a dogs neck is useless.And for training even a harness does not work as the dog can still pull you - you need a "choke" collar but don't dispair - it's not as bad as it sounds. Place the choke collar so that the loop for the leash is on top so the choke will close when you pull on it but release when you relax. Attach a leash - but only about a 6'. - now the tip: the collar MUST be up behind the dogs ears - and the loop w/leash should be right under the ear while the dog is standing next to you. have the dog right next to you and don't give any slack. take a few steps - baby steps - if the dog pulls- give a little pull on the collar and STOP. Turn around go in the other direction - again a couple of steps- the moment he pulls or tries to lunge- a pull on the collar will tighten it- when he stops - relax your hold the collar releases. Most dogs pick up pretty quick that walking nice means comfort and pulling means discomfort - again the trick is to take small steps and the moment he pulls - "choke" the collar.
If you want - give a treat when he walks "nice" for several steps.
Another tip- talk to your dog - tell him how good he is being - when he pulls - tell him NO! or Stop -and give a tug on the collar- by talking the entire time in a nice soothing voice the dog will learn that the walk is enjoyable with you- talk about the weather - the passing cars! Don't be afraid - talk to your dog - and you'll see he'll come around
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Sat, 08-13-2011 - 6:37pm

I used the Gentle Leader Harness in the past with good results; I have a small dog though. The leash attaches to the front of the chest. It took about a week or two (can't remember exactly) to break her of the habit and now she walks by my side with a regular harness on.