my dog is driving me NUTS!!!

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my dog is driving me NUTS!!!
Tue, 11-17-2009 - 1:51pm

And Im not sure what to do. Heres the situation:

I have the most awesome dog. I love her to death. The is my furry daughter of another kind. Anyways, When I got her I had 2 cats. I worked at a rescue that couldnt take her and I instantly fell in love and took her home with me. She fit right in. She instantly bonded with both cats, one was a 3 y/o persian and the other a 2 y/o tom cat. At the time she was about 6 mos old. All three animals would lay together, play together and all was merry in the house.

Then we got a roommate who got a kitten. That kitten fit perfectly in and the dog got a long with all 3 cats. Again all was merry.

Well then I rescued another dog that was about a year old and he was 55 lbs but way under weight. When I took him in he was fearful of many things like doorways, sudden movements etc. And I took him in with the idea of bringing him to health and making him not so fearful and eventually placing him in a home. Well he got to a healthy 75 lbs and got to where he love everyone and thing and he also got along with all of the cats and my other dog. It was crazy and very amusing when people would come over and see 2 big dogs hanging out with 3 cats.

Eventually I got my own place and found the rescue dog a new home. So I was down to 1 dog, 2 cats. At the new house my tom cat got out and was never seen again :(. That left me to 1 cat and 1 dog. A bit after that I lost my job and money got tight and then I took my cat to the vet and found out he had a lot of med issues that I could not afford. It was a tough decision but I placed him in a home that could afford his bills and provide him with a happy life.

So now I am down to just my one dog. I love her to pieces. My B/F and I play with her every day. She watches tv with us. We take her on car rides, we take her for walk at the park. To pets mart etc. She is not attention deprived at all. But she acts like she is!!! Steadily she has gotten to where she is always sitting on one of us. She follows us all over the house. She always whines if we go into a room and shut the door. She always runs to the front door and cries. She knows she uses the bathroom outside and goes to the back door for that. Shes also chewed up some things that were not her toys. In 3 years she has never done that. She is driving us nuts with being so needy.

We have thought of getting another pet, because it almost seems that she is lonely. With reason Im sure. However right now, thats just not possible. Any other suggestions or ideas?

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Tue, 11-17-2009 - 11:39pm
Sure she's lonely!!!



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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 1:43pm

Hi rachelschild and Welcome to the Board.

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Wed, 11-18-2009 - 10:40pm

Welcome to the board! I agree with the others that she's both lonely without her furry siblings and also fearful that you'll leave, too, and she'll be left alone. It may still take some time for her to relax and understand that you're not going anywhere. If you don't use a crate for her, you may want to try introducing one, too, because some dogs feel very comfortable and secure in their crates so it may give her an added sense of security in the house. Or even just a dog bed and keep some of her favorite toys in there and see if you can't transition her to lying in the bed