Need a new vet

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Need a new vet
Mon, 10-29-2012 - 5:13pm

 New to this board.

   My husband and I have a 9 month old yellow lab, Lucille. We signed up for the wellness plan at Petsmart/Bansfield vet, and I really don't feel like it is saving us money. I can't get out of there without paying for something despite having the vet visit taken care of through this plan.

 So my question is this:  How do we pick a new vet?  We are a one-income family and I will not give up my dog. People have said maybe we need to do that, but I can't. She is my child.

 She keeps scooting and it's like every week..if I take to the current vet for relief, it's $20..that adds up. Is there something that we can do for her to help her do this on her own?  I don't know what is right, wrong, toxic or not.

Maybe I should change her food? She eats Simply Nourish.

Thanks, Sarah

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Tue, 10-30-2012 - 12:32pm

Hi Sarah and Welcome to the Board.  I'm Laura and I'm the furmom to a 6YO lab/mix, Cleo.

Unfortunately, dogs can be expensive.  One thing you do need to do is decide what you think is right when it comes to your vet.  I just had this same conversation Cleo is 6 years old and in good health.  My vet clinic "recommendds" that she have two exams a year because they now consider her a senior dog.  My beloved ^Samantha^ passed away last year at 16YO...."she" was a senior dog; not Cleo.  So when I received the exam reminder I chose not to allow them to examine her.  I did have them administer the kennel cough booster because we take her to a Dog Park...but I don't believe she needs another full exam until next year.

So all of that is to say that you need to know your own dog.....and trust your vet.  I know of many people that go to Petsmart for their pets' needs....but if you think that you're not having your dogs issues resolved, it might be the time to "interview" other vets.  Ask your pet-owning friends where they go...get a referral.  Just like with your own physician you have to be comfortable with your dog's physician.

As for her scooting....she may need her anal glands expressed....but this is not something that should be done every week.  You can also ask the vet if a change in diet will help this problem.

I feed my Cleo Nutro Natural Choice; I've fed my dogs this for many years without a problem.  That's not to say it's the best food in the world, but it's good.  I've never heard of Simply Nourish but if your girl likes it and is healthy...then it's fine.

As for those who tell you might want to give up your dog....they apparently don't own animals, or love them the way they should.  I know that right now, with this economy, there are many people who really have no choice, but many shelters and organizations are trying to help people keep their pets.  You might want to check that out in your area; here in VA we have the Peninsula Pet Pantry that collects pet supplies and food for those who are struggling to keep their pets.

Good luck...and please be sure to keep us updated.