New dog treats are made in China

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New dog treats are made in China
Sat, 06-18-2011 - 12:25am

It's the ones in the new ads on t.v., Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats.



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Sat, 06-18-2011 - 1:54pm

You're absolutely many new things "sound" great....when they're really not....

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Sat, 06-18-2011 - 7:56pm

It's true, you really do need to carefully read the labels on all of the food and treats before purchasing. And we know from dog food that the ones marketed as wholesome are often far from it!

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Sat, 06-25-2011 - 10:56am

Yikes! :O Another one snuck in there, from China?! Scary when they killed dogs before just selling poison ingredients for something made/put together (?) in the U.S. After that fiasco, and dangerous lead in children's toys, etc., why do our companies here continue to buy ingredients or import stuff made there?




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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 7:46pm
Thanks for the head's up. I haven't seen the tv ads, but clipped the coupon out of the sunday paper and was going to check it out. Now I won't :)
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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 3:29pm
I've been buying Castor & Pollux raw hides for my teething cocker spaniel puppy. The raw hids are made from grass feed beef in the USA.

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Sat, 07-16-2011 - 5:31am

Because the american companies can't compete with the low labor costs in China, so they stopped making children's toys here. Us consumers are to blame too because, if we see a toy that is made here, but it costs 10 times more than an identical toy made in China, we normally go for the cheaper toy. Also, they just passed a law that toys needs to be 99.9-something percent lead free now, so we will see what happens. With the former, less stringent laws in place, american toy companies were losing their shirts and couldn't stay in business because they had to put extra labor into testing all their finished products for lead.

Also, I was in Petsmart the other day and looked at a bag of Milo's treats and the pkg said made in the USA. Could they be making them in both countries?