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New Member With New Puppy!
Sun, 09-02-2012 - 3:11pm

Hello Everybody!

Glad I found this board, we DESPERATELY need all the advice and help we can get.

We have a new puppy baby, Bailee, she will be 5 months old the 10th of this month.  We got her from an animal shelter in July, per their requirements, right at 3 months old she was spayed, she recovered from her surgery very nicely.

She sleeps with us, cuddles with my mate or myself all night long.  Has eyes and a face that will make you melt, is one of the sweetest animals you have ever met.  We have truly fallen in love with her.

Now the bad, SHE IS SATAN INCARNATE.  She has chewed through 3 electric cords, thank God they were not plugged in, she has torn up umpteen things in our house, including clothing, papers, little bit of everything.  YES, we have gotten her multiple chew toys, she loves them, plays with them, but just NOT THEM and that is the problem.

We have kitty babies, she does the usual nipping thing, the kitty babies KNOW she is a baby, they "pad" pop her, NO CLAWS, they play with her, thankfully, they use up a lot of her puppy energy, especially the younger cat.  They sleep together, the cat bathes her.

We need to train her to not jump all the time, to not tear up stuff, to come to us when we call her, to stop whatever she is doing when we tell her no, etc.

The biggest issue now is she has started raring up on our tables to get stuff she wants to destroy!





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Sat, 09-08-2012 - 1:17pm

OMG....she is just "gorgeous"!!!  I think she looks like some sort of hound....

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Sat, 09-15-2012 - 3:11pm

Welcome to the board, she is adorable! I agree with the others, keep her confined either in a crate or room when you're not watching her, and sign her up for puppy kindergarten to get some basic obedience training, socialization with other dogs and an outlet for some of her energy. We have small dogs and have been fortunate for the most part when it comes to chewing, but my youngest did love to shred paper goods for several years and would chew on some small items if they were left within her reach (she's outgrown both) so we just had to be very aware of not leaving things around for her. My biggest fear was pens, because my husband leaves them around and I could just imagine her ingesting ink (not to mention it exploding on the furniture) so I was always on the look out for pens!